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Raised on the Radio

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As a screenprinter full time, I often play music to get me through my busy day of work, either by iPod or radio. I’ve really been struck lately by the amount of repetition in FM radio these days, it’s essentially the same songs over and over again in a different order each day. There’s not much diversity in radio stations either, it’s the ‘Best’ new music or it’s ‘Classic’ rock and pop and not much else. The French-Canadian radio station Radio Canada, actually play a far more challenging, creative, and diverse range of genres of music. I guess that’s just it in main stream North American radio, apparently the staus quo are happy to be spoon fed a diet of safe repetitive auto-tuned music everyday. How quickly we forget that at one time FM radio was much more experimental and album oriented, playing entire albums and whatever else DJs and fans wanted. Now it’s kind of all request within reason, as long as it’s a hit and not too long or too different.

Secondly, where is the local music on these stations? Generally local bands and artists are ignored by local radio unless they play Traditional music or have the broad mainstream appeal of rising stars Hey Rosetta. Would the concept of a true local rock station on FM be that crazy? I know there is Radio Newfoundland on the AM dial but again it’s mostly Irish Newfoundland Folk music. There is SO much more going on here. A local radio station could promote our diverse range of local talent and really get people rallying around their own.

I think every region in this great country of ours should show more interest and patronage to local artists of all stripes and really celebrate their local culture. Check out not only your local bands but your visual artists, dancers, actors, writers, everything and anything. Keeping it local is extremely enriching in so many ways, it keeps things growing and we all want the growth of our mighty province to continue. Showing local pride in support of the arts is a big part of fostering this.

By: Vanessa Wade


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