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Buzzie's Dairy Bar & Grill



Buzzie’s: Why did the dairy bar cross the road?

PEI summer has officially started…since I had my first stop of the season at Buzzie’s Dairy Bar and Grill.  Conveniently located in the quaint town of Cornwall, the 407 Trans Canada highway to be exact, the annual re-opening of Buzzie’s is a sure sign of the warming weather.  This year the iconic dairy bar has made the big move to the other side of the road, yes it appears the restaurant got up and crossed the street. It features a brand new patio and spacious parking lot perfect for romantic dash board dinners.  When eating at any dairy bar your options are limited to dairy and deep fried, but that’s ok because I like both of those options.  Stepping up to the window I decide on classic crinkle cut fries and three different kinds of ice cream in a dish.  I’m not entirely sure what was complicated about this order but whatever it was it took a little explaining to the tweenaged window attendant but, happily, she was able to accommodate my request.  On second thought, maybe choosing three flavours was a little ambitious.


Despite the chilly winds the sun was out, so I chose to eat outside with my dog, who got his own small dish of vanilla soft serve, much to his doggie delight.  My order was up pretty quickly and I can’t say I was disappointed.   My crinkle fries were great, golden brown, piping hot and slightly greasy.  The ice cream, was sweet, chocolately and delicious.  The combination of ice cream and french fries, well, that just makes me smile.  For anybody that has ever dipped their fries into a Wendy’s Frosty, you know what I am talking about.  It’s a happy co-mingling of deep-fryer-hot and freezer-burn-cold.  Paired with contrasting salty and sweet flavours it is really fantastic.


Buzzie’s there really isn’t much you can do wrong, you have all the dairy bar essentials, including clam strips and icebergs- and I can typically pay for my order with my spare change!  I look forward to sitting on the new patio and watching the hustle and bustle of Cornwall’s finest.


Do you have a favourite ice cream shack?  Islanders are fiercely loyal to their local joints, so we are proposing to have a battle of the dairy bars.  Write in and tell me about your favourite DB and why it deserves the crown. I’ll do my part by travelling around the island to see how your claim stands up.  At the end of the summer we will crown a winner.


By : Beth Lassaline
You can write your favourite dairy bar on our Facebook or Twitter page. You can also email your choice to Let the battle begin!

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