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Titans Eve – Life Apocalypse

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Titans Eve Life Apocalypse

Titans Eve Life Apocalypse

Artist:  Titans Eve

Album:  Life Apocalypse

Year: 2012

Genre: Metal










Right off the top I’ll say that Titans Eve totally has their shit together.  This is obviously not one of those “let’s record a bunch of songs and see what happens” kind of record — Live Apocalypse is the real deal, recorded by a band of talented musicians and songwriters who know exactly what they’re trying to do.

Live Apocalypse (the sophomore LP from the aforementioned Vancouver based band) is an eleven track maelstrom of anti-matter guitars riffs, shrilling leads, and machine gun double bass, aptly arranged and performed as though it were the sound track for an apocalypse directed by Ralph Bakshi.

With track titles such as:  Road to Ruin, Destined to Die, and The Abyss, it’s not exactly clear whether or not this heavy handed concept record is intended to be sincere, satirical, or just fucking metal; but still, Live Apocalypse is a cool piece of art, with loads of personality, and amazing atmosphere.


THE GOOD: Besides all of that other stuff I said before, Titans Eve’s Live Apocalypse walks that fine line between power and precision so well, it’s practically criminal.

THE BAD: The production leaves a little to be desired, it’s a bit airy, and unrefined, specifically the vocals, but it certainly doesn’t detract from Bryan Gamblin’s vocal chops, or the quality of the musicianship as a whole.

THE UGLY: Not really a lot of ugly going on here.

 By: Buddy Black

Buddy Black is a songwriter, performer, producer, and alcoholic based out of Toronto, ON.  Check out his band and more of his writing here:


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