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Carole Pope Interview

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Carole Pope Interview

Carole Pope Interview

Carole Pope is a Canadian music icon.   With three Juno Awards, a Genie Award, and four Gold and two Platinum records to her credit she’s helped paved the way for gay rights through popular music.    She will be coming to Canada for a mini tour starting at the Courthouse in Toronto this Thursday.

I had the chance to speak with her today about her latest effort and ask a few questions about her past.

Darrell Shelley – As you sit and wait for hurricane Sandy to make landfall in New York, I’d like to discuss your latest effort ironically titled “Landfall”. In an article from the huffington post you stated “Landfall is an esoteric mix of sex, politics, alt rock, and electronica, with a lingering top note of Brecht” Have the songs from this album taken on a newer meaning after touring and playing them live?

Carole Pope – “It’s been a interesting experience playing the songs live because you see first hand the audience’s reaction to certain songs.  You can really see what speaks to them.”



DS – What was it like to work with Rufus Wainwright?

Carole Pope“We got along great. Rufus is such a pro. He added so much to the title track Landfall. He finessed every line he sang.
I’d been talking with him for the past couple of years about doing something together and I’m very happy with the results.
Rob Pruess who co-wrote the track with me, got a cellist from the New York Philharmonic to add some parts that he arranged. Landfall is very different from the other tracks on the album. It really covers a spectrum of musical styles. Kevan Staples calls it my Revolver.


DS – It’s been a decade since you released your autobiography “Anti Diva”.  Looking back is there anything you would do differently if you had to write it again?

Carole Pope – “I should have changed a couple of people’s names but apart from that I’m happy with it.”


DS – According to fans, you’ve become an ambassador for gay lesbian awareness and rights.    Is this something you embrace or would you prefer the music just speak for itself?

Carole Pope – I’m outspoken about gay rights and HIV/AIDS awareness but mostly I prefer my music to speak for it’self.



DS – I heard you mention in an interview that touring with David Bowie was “surreal”.   How big of an influence was Bowie on your career?  Do you still stay in contact?

Carole Pope – Bowie wasn’t really an influence on my career. I admire his writing process and how he constantly evolved as an artist.
I wish I was in contact with Bowie but I’m not.


DS – What are you looking forward to most on this tour?

Carole PopePlaying live is one of the most freeing experiences there is for me.




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