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Rustlers Bar and Grill

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Rustlers Bar and Grill

Rustlers Bar and Grill

Rustlers Bar and Grill, Fall River Plaza, 272-276 Torbay Road,
(709)576-4782(GRUB),Open Monday-Friday from 8am-midnight
Style: Bar and Grill
Price: $5 and up
Rating: 2 out of 5

Rustlers Bar and Grill, Located in the east end in the Fall River Plaza strip mall, is a popular spot in the neighborhood. Right next to the well known bars the Grumpy Stump and Breakers, Rustlers seems to be the place to go for a late evening meal or a big breakfast after a wild night out. Its decor fits its name,resembling a saloon in the old west, with hardwood from floor to ceiling and wide cozy booth seating. Vintage posters of wanted outlaws decorate the walls and the soundtrack is country music both new and classic. It’s a down home, welcoming atmosphere.

The menu at Rustlers is fairly broad yet simple and straight forward with breakfast being a major specialty. Steaks,burgers,chicken, and ribs, along with snacks like wings and nachos round out the menu. Breakfast seems to be the big draw at Rustlers with groups of people coming in for a fix(and looking rather hungover) on the Saturday that I ate there.

One of my dining companions ordered their big breakfast, known on the menu as the Six Shooter. It comes with two eggs however you like them, three breakfast meats, hash browns, and toast. An order of toutons was also ordered between my dining party as a starter. The toutons when first brought out were unfortunately barely cooked and still dough on the inside. The waitress was very accommodating about this and we quickly were given new ones. They were cooked, but I will say that they didn’t appear so as they were deep fried as opposed to pan fried. Deep frying doesn’t brown the toutons like pan frying would and as a result the toutons looked like dough boys for pea soup.

The Six Shooter breakfast itself made up for the toutons.Generously portioned and made to order, Rustlers makes a fine breakfast. My other dining companion was in a lunch mood so she ordered the beef and barley soup which comes with two pieces of grilled garlic baggette. The soup portions are rather small and unless you just want a light meal it is recommended that you order a sandwich with it. On its own soup makes for a fine starter or light lunch. The bread that accompanies the soup was rather bland and didn’t really have much of a garlic flavor. The pieces of bread were also quite small, a couple of extra pieces could have been thrown in to round out the meal.

For my meal at Rustlers, I choose one of their specials for that day which was the chicken burrito with a choice of side. I went for fries which i’m always keen to sample whenever I go to a new restaurant. The meal was more than enough for one, there were plenty of fries to share and the burrito was also large enough to be split into two servings. The fries were very starchy and light coloured like new potatoes, they were passable but I think they had been previously frozen before used. Fresh is always best with fries. The burrito was stuffed with shredded roast chicken and very mild sauce, it was a bit too mild and could have used some cheese and a bit of spice. The salsa and sour cream served with it definitely improved the flavor.

My experience at Rustlers was hit and miss, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the servers are friendly and helpful. Breakfast is highly recommended, I would go back for it, but they really need to pan fry those toutons. I give it a 2 out of 5, it’s good but not great, it does have strong suits but there is room for improvement.

By:Vanessa Wade


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