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Montreal Review – Coheed And Cambria at Club Soda

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Montreal Review – Coheed And Cambria at Club Soda – March 20, 2013

Montreal Review Coheed And Cambria - Club Soda Cred: Andrey Ivanov

Montreal Review Coheed And Cambria – Club Soda Cred: Andrej Ivanov


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Who: Coheed And Cambria
From: Nyack, NY – USA
Where: Club Soda, Montreal,  Que
When: Wednesday March 20th 2013

Style: Coheed and Cambria definitely touches on many a different scene, and that was felt by the crowd tonight. From young to old, from hardcore kids to prog-rockers, all were there to see the show. This prog-rock/punk/post-hardcore/alt-rock (all according to Wikipedia), hailing from New York showed us that you don’t need fancy paraphernalia, a lot of talk, pizazz, or anything particularly fancy to impress a crowd. This is just a band of dudes from New York, who simply love to play music, and that was truly felt!

Image/Sex Appeal: Claudio’s hair. Look at it. I mean really look at it! Can’t you tell that there is a whole ecosystem to it? All jokes aside, I have been in awe of that man’s hair for years. It’s just so weird. And the way they are all dressed, with the type of music they play, it’s all so contradictory and yet it meshes perfectly!

Crowd: The crowd was hot tonight at Club Soda. Many faces, young and old, could be found on a Wednesday night (I guess people still forget that it’s a school night. I’m glad some things never change!). Mosh pits, crowd surfers, girls sitting on shoulders, all could be seen at the front (where I had to push my way through some quite rude characters to get the shots). Aside from a couple of very rude people, the crowd was very embarrassing and very much into what the music had to offer. They simply got lost in the sound. When I joined the back-ranks of the “older” crowd, I found a crowd not as mellow but just as enjoying. Young and old alike adored what this band had to offer.

Technicalities: From Claudio Sanchez’s uniquely high pitch (yes, this is a man, singing in an uncanny feminine voice), to the chord progressions, to the insane licks, riffs and solos that Sanchez pulls out, to the drums and the intensity of the bass, it all works perfectly together to create the powerful blend that is Coheed and Cambria. These guys have no less than seven records under their belt, and have been writing about the adventures of two fictional characters named Coheed and Cambria (see a pattern?),  and they are not showing ANY signs of stopping! They are also, surprisingly, far from mainstream, although with a very solid fan-base!

Memorable Moments: Two moments stick out like sore thumbs: 1) When Claudio Sanchez put his hair up (yeah, that big bundle of hair you see in the pictures? There is a person living under there!) so that we could finally see his face, and 2) Probably more importantly, when Claudio spoke to the crowd. He has a surprisingly deep voice for someone who sings that high (awesome vocal range). Despite that, the show in itself is memorable because it is well and truly about the music, and that I personally very much respect in musicians.

Memorable Song: Two stick out (I don’t know why I’m working with pairs today). First, the closing song, Welcome Home, one of (if not the) best known songs they have released. Simply because it is powerful, it has a killer solo at the end, and Claudio awed us all when he pulled a Hendrix and started literally playing the solo with his mouth and above his head. The second, who’s name I never managed to get, is an instrumental. This is a deeply personal thing: I happen to adore instrumentals, and when someone is just shredding their guitar, the guitarist in me just comes back to life. That’s one feeling I can never quite put into words, but imagine being lifted off the ground by an unknown force when hearing the music. That about cuts it close.

Review and Photography by Andrey Ivanov

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