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Toronto Review – San Cisco at The Garrison

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Toronto Review – San Cisco at The Garrison – Live Review

Toronto Review - San Cisco - Cred: Darrell Shelley

Toronto Review – San Cisco – Cred: Darrell Shelley


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Who: San Cisco
From: Fremantle, Perth, Australia
Where: The Garrison, Toronto,ON
When: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 – 10:50pm

 Style: British indie mixed with a beachy rock from the late 70’s, vibe. If you’re a fan of Jack Penate mixed with some Arctic Monkeys, you’re in for a show.

Crowd: San Cisco was clearly a fan favourite of the night the room was about 2/3 full. You could tell the audience was itching for the band to start while they were sound checking. The moment the first guitar riffs were played, everyone was up on their feet ready for a night of dancing. Every song had its share of couples dancing, head bobbing, arm waving and ended with a whirl of claps and cheers that lasted well over 30 seconds. The crowd mostly consisted of women, with some guys at the back of the bar; i’d say 3:1 ratio of women to men. Crowd was engaged the entire night and even demanded an encore, which sadly they didn’t get.

Sex Appeal/image: I had the delight of meeting Davieson before the show and he was quite a shy guy, but polite. I easily saw the transformation from introverted John Mayer mini me, to real indie rocker on stage. However, the real star of the show was Scarlett Stevens on the drums. I respect the hell out of a chick drummer, she was clearly the most talented musician in the band and the mama bear of the pack. The attention was on her for 90% of the show as she had a sultry look to her. With the long Sandy West hair and dark red lips she was the badass flavour the band needed in order to keep the crowds attention. Bassist (Nick Gardner) and Guitarist (Josh Biondillo) were a little stiff and I almost forget they were there until Josh started singing. For such a youthful groove, I expected a bit more movement.

Memorable song/moment: About half way through the set, the band left front man Jordi Davieson alone on stage for his solo moment. He continued with a story of how he wrote ‘John’s Song’ and proceeded to play. Really personal and beautiful piece. Very rare for an indie band to do that, and I really appreciated it. ‘Awkward’ was obviously the song everyone was waiting for; cheers got twice as loud and everyone knew the lyrics and were singing the ‘do do do doo’s’ the whole way through. For a song that was written within 60 minutes, according to Davieson, it was a huge hit. I could appreciate the adorable charm from Davieson, he had the crowd chuckling as he introduced the set list – “This song is about having no friends, it’s called “No Friends””.


Technicalities: Slight guitar malfunctions once or twice, but nothing too noticeable. Harmony mics were a little low and only caught about 60% of what Stevens was singing. The drum beats were a bit overwhelming during ‘Reckless’.

Comments: The first half of the show was a little slow, you could tell the band was really trying to warm up and get into it. By the second half of the show, especially after Jordi’s solo, the band really kicked in and their chemistry increased. This band was fun, and great to see if you’re out with friends and want to have a good time. Is this band the next big thing?  Time will tell.

Bonus: I could appreciate the few swigs of Molson Canadian the Aussie band had in between songs.


Review By: Loryn Taggart
Photos By: Darrell Shelley

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