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Jeremy Bennett – Pointing fingers is not the answer

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Jeremy Bennett – Pointing fingers is not the answer


Jeremy Bennett

Jeremy Bennett


Try to snap your fingers and stop liking ice cream. Snap your fingers and stop the craving you have for water after being dehydrated. Snap your fingers and start enjoying the company of someone you can’t stand.

You can’t. You can’t because, “I like ice cream” (or whatever the craving is) is a belief in the back of your subconscious mind.

96 — 98% of the time we do not control our decisions in life. In other words, ‘free will’, as we know it, is just an illusion. We are on autopilot and each of these decisions are a result of what we hold in our subconscious mind.

Understanding that 96 — 98% of the time people act in accordance to what they hold in their subconscious minds helps us forgive. When ‘understanding’ precedes forgiveness, forgiveness becomes second nature.

So the next time you hear about the acts of a criminal, monitor your reaction. If you’re simply recalling a fact, (“oh yea, I heard about him, he was just arrested for sexual abuse”) then it is not causing you psychological harm. But when there is negative emotion attached to your statement, (“that piece of sh$t rapist, I hope he rots in prison”) then you not only are not understanding that these “criminals” need more help than punishment but you are allowing an external situation to rob you of your happiness.

A criminal cannot snap their fingers and stop the urge and craving to commit the crimes they commit just like you can’t snap your fingers and stop enjoying soap operas, ice cream, or sports. Yes, soap operas, ice cream, and sports are not causing harm to another person but the reality is the craving for crime or ice cream stems from a psychological urge that cannot be controlled by simply wanting to turn it off. Ask anyone addicted to smoking. Or ask yourself the next time you have the urge to scream at your spouse or child. Or watch how your anger builds up to any situation that gets under your skin. I bet you wish you could turn it off, but can’t.

Some people may say, “yea, but if I was him I wouldn’t have done what he did”. The reality is, you are not him, and if you were raised and exposed to the same exact thoughts, situations, and experiences you would have done what he did.

When Jesus said, “forgive them for they know not what they do”. I don’t think he meant, “forgive them for they don’t know that they are driving nails in my wrists”. He meant, “forgive them as they can’t help what they are doing”.

Understand that people are on autopilot 96 — 98% of the time. Forgiveness becomes so much easier when we understand this.

Don’t fight fire with fire. When you truly understand this you will stop taking things personally. You will know that when someone insults you, lashes out at you, or tries to hurt you, it is ‘their’ problem and is a reflection of the negativity they are going through. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. Nothing.

When you truly understand this you don’t ‘have’ to forgive on purpose. It will happen automatically. Life will become so much easier.

By: Jeremy Bennett

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