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Montreal Review – Marillion at L'Olympia


Montreal Review – Marillion at L’Olympia – March 24, 2013

Montreal Review Marillion at L'Olympia - Cred: Kieron Yates

Montreal Review Marillion at L’Olympia – Cred: Kieron Yates

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Who: Marillion
From: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England
Where: L’Olympia, Montreal, Que
When: Sunday March 24th 2013

Style:  Progressive Rock

Image/Sex Appeal: With a multitude of instruments being switched back and forth, and various garments being worn, the band was able to switch up the mood of their set. I espcially enjoyed seeing the duel-necked bass guitar that  was wielded by Pete Trewavas for a few songs late in the set. Few groups use such instruments anymore, and I find that to be a shame. It also looks ridiculously menacing and powerful.

Crowd: Despite being the third consecutive night of Marillion’s weekend long festivities, and a sunday night to boot, Montreal’s L’Olympia was still packed with people of all ages. The audience sang along and on several occasions, brought the concert to a brief halt, while they shrouded the progressive legends with ovation after ovation.


Technicalities: It has been an age since I’ve seen an event at L’Olympia and I must say, the place sounds fantastic. Her layered floor ensures that people as far back as can be are still able to scope a good view of the artists on stage. Having a large screen behind the group was a nice touch, too, and the lighting was especially good. The view from the seated balcony is also incredible. It is a venue with a great deal of class and was the perfect setting for Marillion.


Memorable Moment: At one point, vocalist Steve Hogarth attempted to play the cricket bat; an uncommon instrument and one that isn’t often seen on these shores. Unfortunately, it was hard to make out the sound of the bat… but it sure looked amusing.

Memorable Song: Hard put to select just one track, but since that is my task, it would have to be “Lucky Man” taken from the bands most recent output, “Sounds That Can’t Be Made”. It is a powerful ballad with a great bass line, an amazing guitar riff and a beautiful message in its lyrics. There was also a hair-raising moment while the band played through the song, were the crowd really got behind the chorus and belted it out with authority and absolute power. As I write this, the hair on my arms is once again standing on end. I should also mention that the newest record also features a song about our great city, simply named “Montreal”. Such an honor was probably a prelude to the weekend that was.

Comments: England’s progressive rock Legends, Marillion, have become known for their weekend long events, and it was fantastic that Montreal was chosen for the honor this year. There were many accents to be heard before Marillion took to the stage, some I could place from as far away as the UK and Australia and others that were completely foreign to me. A Brazilian flag was waved frantically and others draped from the balcony, others than my memory can’t seem to place. This was more than a mere show, this was a gathering of like-minded music fanatics from around the globe.

Hogarth kept the crowd entranced even when the band were catching their breathes between songs. His crowd interaction had the audience in fits of laughter of several occasions and was met with thunderous applause at other times. There seemed to be a real relationship between the masses and the on-staged. A sense of caring from all parties, it was visible in every aspect of the evening. Hogarth and Rothery, especially, were visibly deeply connected with their music and it could be seen written across their faces. In return, the crowd roared and sang along for the entire duration of the set.

Simply put, Marillion were fantastic!READ the album review “Sounds That Can’t Be Made

Interview with drummer Ian Mosley

Review and Photography By: Kieron Yates

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