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Montreal Review – Soilwork at Cafe Campus

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Montreal Review — Soilwork  at Cafe Campus – March 17, 2013

Montreal Review Soilwork - Cred: Kieron Yates

Montreal Review Soilwork – Cred: Kieron Yates

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Who: Soilwork
From: Helsingborg, Sweeden
Where: Petit Cafe Campus, Montreal Que
When: March 17th 2013

Style:  Melodic Death Metal

Image/Sex Appeal:Few metal bands have issue’s looking the part. Image is as important to a band’s persona as its album art and sound in general, and that fact is not lost on Soilwork. Although, bassist Ola Flink delighted in shaking his rump towards the crowd in a rather sexually provocative manor. That, coupled with his ’70s era porn groove bass lines between songs gave the evening a humorous interlude.

Crowd: Jam packed into one of the smallest venue’s in Montreal, for whatever reason. The sold-out crowd proved rather difficult to maneuver through, yet it was obvious from the get go that this would be a memorable night. Once the curtain fell on Jeff Loomis’ memorizing, insanely technical set, the chants for headliners, Soilwork, began, with fists pumping in the air.

Technicalities: Anybody that has been reading my show reviews undoubtedly knows that I believe atmosphere is a key ingredient to successful live events. Lighting especially, but unfortunately, very few smaller venue’s are able to meet that criteria. Setting the mood with lights becomes quite cumbersome in limited spaces. Albeit not the worst light rigging I’ve seen, surely far from the best also.Memorable Moments:  Such a venue really lends itself to providing an intimate affair, and it isn’t every day that a group as formidable as Soilwork appear so close to the touch. Those that were on-hand to experience the phenomena may never again have the chance to witness Soilwork in such a setting; making this a genuinely unique experience.

Memorable Song: The opening track to their ninth and most recent album, “The Living Infinite”, was among the early tracks performed but set the tone for the remainder of the evening. “Spectrum Of Eternity”, complete with its intro segment, is a song that displays the aggressive, the melodic and the groove-laden sides to the band’s musical writings. It has a little of everything and is basically, a great bloody song!

Comments: The stage at Petit Cafe Campus is a pretty low one, standing about knee-high for the majority of those in the front row. You can imagine the chaos that ensured once the audience got a little rowdy and started moshing. People were falling onto the stage over and over again. Like waves smashing against cliffs, those that braved the madness were doubled over against the stage repeatedly and others knocked clean onto it. I spent a vast segment of their set perched on stage amongst the gear, and was having as much fun watching the crowd as I was the band.

I really feel privileged to have witnessed such an intimate evening with such a fine group of bands. I still find the choice of venue odd, but there was no doubt several factors in play for its selection and, at the end of the day, the BCI crew have been running this scene for over two decades and know what they are doing. They are a key reason why so many bands look forward to this leg of their tour.As for Soilwork, they were on the mark the whole night and were flat-out fantastic. Then again, their current album, “The Living Infinite”, is a double-disc dose of melodic metal perfection, meaning that the boys had the material to make the night a great one, and did.

Review and Photography By:  Kieron Yates
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