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Ali Hassan Gets Around!

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Look, I know this rag I run is supposed to shine a spotlight on Toronto comedy – and it does, so relax. But when one of our own hits the road and gigs outside the city walls, I like to throw a little P.R their way when I can. You gonna mess with that? Pipe down plebes, I’m the boss!

Case in point!

Ali Hassan is one of those comics other comics love. We love working with him, and we enjoy watching him work. A “comics’ comic”, if we may, although not in the classic sense of ‘his material is too inside-comedy for broader audiences to buy into’. Au contraire. This Montreal native has a certain way of killing crowds in just about any cross-section – from college kids to the more mature comedy connoisseur. He can take something like his personal adventures in parenting and make it side-splitting to a fellow comic like me, for example – a 29 year old manchild whose boys may or may not swim. Let ’em float, because I get it and I’m into it!

Beyond Toronto (I’m told there’s more Canada outside of Toronto, who knew??) wider audiences will know Mr. Hassan from his touring schedule, or perhaps his work on the comedy panel for The Strombo Show – a certain CBC program hosted by a sweet kid named George Stromboulopoulos who (I think) just might make it in showbiz

Yup, Strombo himself saw the funny in Ali, and sought it! It stands to reason. Strombo’s known for these types of instincts, and Hassan’s known for bringing the punchlines

Next up, the good people of Halifax.

Join Ali Hassan in “From Zero to Hero: Ali Hassan”

With Bryant Thomson and Bryan Aylward (no small supporting acts I might add!)

Monday, October 7th

At the Carleton (1685 Argyle Street, Halifax)

Tickets just $10!

Go, laugh, be merry!
Dean, out

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