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Monster Truck at Sound Academy – Toronto Live Review

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Monster Truck at Sound Academy – Toronto Live Review

Monster Truck EDGE fest 2013

Monster Truck 2013


Monster Truck lived up to their debut album title, Furiosity, as they put on a furious performance at the Sound Academy Friday, December 20th, 2013.

Who: Monster Truck
From: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Where: The Sound Acedemy, Toronto, Ontario
When: Friday, December 20th, 2013

Total Score: 9.2/10
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Crowd: The Monster Truck show was an all-ages event and I was surprised by the number of young people in attendance. The majority of the front section of the venue was made up of people ranging from their teens to early twenties. I’ve been to a number of rock n’ roll shows over the years and I don’t think that I have ever seen so many teenagers, especially teenage girls! Unfortunately, once the band broke into their first song, Old Train, many of the girls were pushed aside by the more aggressive male audience who were making attempts to crowd-surf, shove and mosh their way to the front of the stage. There were many girls in the front row, including myself, who actually had to be “rescued” by security because the crowd was so forceful. Keeping their distance from the more aggressive part of the crowd was the older audience who grouped themselves along the sides and closer to the back of the venue. The older crowd ranged from people in their thirties to people well into their late fifties. Overall, the audience was very responsive to the band. There was no lack of cheering, head-banging, or first pumps.

Sex appeal/Image: If you like beards and long hair, this is the band for you! Judging by the number of women and young girls in the crowd, I don’t think that there’s any denying that the guys in Monster Truck have something more than killer tunes to offer the female audience. As a whole, this band has a cool image. Each band member has their own style which brings an interesting diversity to the stage. Steve has, what I’d call, laidback, beer-league hockey player charm. He is usually in a t-shirt and shorts and sometimes missing a front tooth. Organist, Brandon, on the other hand, has a style all of his own. Brandon’s style varies show to show. I think he’s still trying to find his own image. But no matter what outfit he puts together, his adorable grin tags along. Compared to Brandon, lead guitarist, Jeremy, and lead singer and bass player, Jon, have a more simple style that usually consists of jeans and some kind of denim top. Though their style may be a little simpler compared to the other two, Jeremy’s energy and Jon’s powerhouse voice make up for it. Overall, the band’s image is laidback and rather effortless, but in a good way. You can tell this group of guys saves their energy for rocking rather than picking out wardrobe.

Memorable Moment: The most memorable moment at the show was probably during the first minute before Monster Truck came on stage when their band logo backdrop came down. It was not even four months ago that I was in Detroit, Michigan, USA, where Monster truck opened for ZZ Top and Kid Rock. If memory serves me, it was lead singer and bass player, Jon, who was in awe of his band’s logo on the jumbo screen behind them on stage. He said that this was awesome because normally they have no backdrop or technology to announce who they are. Jon said that they usually have to keep restating to the crowd that, “We’re Monster Truck from Hamilton, Ontario”. When the bands backdrop in Toronto came down, and it came down with a bang, it was a symbol of their hard work and how far Monster Truck has come in just a matter of months. There was no need for Jon to introduce the band in Toronto because there wasn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind who was going to light the venue on fire that night.

Overall: This is a band that you can see has worked hard, is truly proud of their accomplishments and the music that they have made. While hanging out with the band a few months back, their new album Furiosity started playing through the one of the guys’ ipods. As soon as the song started lead guitarist, Jeremy, announced, “I love THIS band” and began rocking out to one of their new songs. The rest of us laughed but you could see that he really loves the music that they represent. This is a group of guys that are in this for more than just money or fame.  From a fans perspective, we’re lucky to get a band that truly enjoys what they’re doing and produces music that they are proud to represent, because when they hit the stage there is no pretending! If you want real rock n’ roll from some really approachable guys, you have got to check out Monster Truck!

By: Lauren MacDonald


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