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Wacken Metal Battle Canada offers FREE download compliation


Wacken Metal Battle Canada offers FREE download compilation

Over 100 independent Canadian metal bands have been selected to participate in this year’s Wacken Metal Battle Canada line up in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. The bands will compete during the months of March, April and May in 22 qualifying rounds, 6 semi-finals, and an Alberta final along with the national final being held on June 7th in Toronto, ON at The Opera House.

One band will be chosen to represent the nation with highest honour at this year’s 2014 international battle at the world’s most prestigious metal festival Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany.

Last year’s battle saw Toronto, ON’s epic power/death metal band Crimson Shadows not only winning the 2013 Canadian final but conquering the international final and performing in front of thousands unknown to their behemoth sound.  The band joined a list of Canadian heavyweights such as Voivod, Exciter, Razor, Annihilator, Anvil, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, 3 Inches of Bloods, Despised Icon and Danko Jones who have performed at the festival in years past.

Wacken Metal Battle Canada is offering a FREE DOWNLOAD compilation featuring some of the indie metal bands competing in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.


Round 1- Toronto will take place March 8 at The Hard Luck Bar

Stay tuned to The Scene Magazine battle chart for winners as the battle rages on.


Moonspell – The Mod Club – Toronto Live Review


Moonspell – The Mod Club – Toronto Live Review

Moonspell at The Mod Club, February 22, 2014

Who: Moonspell
From: Portugal
Where: The Mod Club
When: Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Total Score: 7.8/10

The Mod Club is becoming the place to play for upcoming and established bands alike. Promoters picked one of the best sounding venues in Toronto for this powerful tour. I have to say more people (mostly females) showed up for Leaves’ Eyes, as their merchandise was selling like hot cakes. I saw lots of Amaranthe, Nightwish and Kamelot fans.

Opening band Primalfrost sound came across a little too similar to Swedish legendary band Dissection. I feel like the bass player Larry Varvrici is holding the band back, his playing is just piss poor. Guitar player Ric Galvez headbanging was intense, but not much there in talent. He plays with such amateurishness that it’s hard to derive too much enjoyment. Getting rid of Douglas Gonzalves was a good idea but getting Ric Galvez wasn’t. Dean Paul Arnold shreds, but at the end of the day average songs are average songs no matter how well they’re played.

Atrocity warmed up the crowd pretty well. They were a lot of fun to watch. During their show two girls were called on stage by Alexander Krull himself and rocked the hell out with them. The Germans have been making waves in the underground and it translates flawlessly to the stage.

The female fronted band demonstrated levels of energy and conviction I didn’t expect. Their fans were standing enthralled. The singer, Liv Kristine, is not only a pretty face, she sings. I mean, she can really sing!

Moonspell are among the most mesmerizing live acts around. The European band possess an aura on their own. Fernando Ribeiro (vocals) is your nightmare’s vampire. He puts all pretenders of the throne to shame. The singer and the rest of the band hypnotized the crowd. The energy coming from the stage was flat out incredible. The Portuguese frontman seemed genuinely humbled by the rapturous reception his band received that night. He appeared on stage wearing the centurion helmet during the first song, which he started doing just last year. Will it become part of every show?

Drummer Miguel Gaspar is in astounding form (really impressive drumming on the beginning of “Axis Mundi”, a perfect song to begin the show), but Ribeiro gets to shine the most. I have a feeling he does shine also because the guitar players don’t play the unnecessary. Ricardo Amorim and Pedro Paixao don’t play flashy guitar solos or compete with each other like most bands with two guitarist. It’s pure music. Time loses all meaning when a band like Moonspell plays on, although it would be great if they stopped using samples on their modern classics “Scorpion Flower” and “Luna”. They could have used Liv Kristine from Leaves’ Eyes for the female vocals. I mean she’s just there on tour with them and her voice is sheer magic. Though the band pause between songs to let the audience show appreciation, for the most part it’s single emotional journey.

[nggallery id=229]

Written by: Giancarlo del Toro
Photos by: Jason Hodgins

Children of Bodom – Sound Academy – Toronto Live Review


Children of Bodom – Sound Academy – Toronto Live Review

Children of Bodom at Sound Academy, February 16, 2014


Who: Children of Bodom
From: Espoo, Finland
Where: Sound Academy
When: February 16, 2014

Total Score: 9/10

Style: Melodic Death Metal

Sound Academy was packed with all sorts of people on Sunday. Thankfully, it was a long weekend and everybody was ready to party. There were metalheads, rockers, nerds and even club types in the audience. It is always heartwarming to see people from all the walks of life coming together for a show or a cultural event.

Týr and Death Angel did their best to warm up the crowd. Tyr had a very short but impactive set. Death Angel tore Sound Academy a new one. They once again proved that thrash is one of the best genres to listen to live. They turned the venue into a giant metal party. People were drinking, jumping around and moshing. Some passionate fans screamed out names of the songs and sang along with Mark Osegueda (vocals).

But in the end it was clear who people were here to see. Everyone pushed each other towards the stage even before Children of Bodom came on. Chants “Children” were heard from every corner of the venue, some people were trying to have a few puffs before the security got to them. Once Children of Bodom appeared, they showed everyone just why they are still so influential among the aspiring guitar players.

You gotta give it to Alexi Laiho and the gang for the level of professionalism with which they perform every song. Their skills might say that they payed those songs a thousand times, but their drive is only comparable to an excited teenager showing his friends a cool riff  he just came up with. The only thing that made this show less than perfect was the seeming disinterest of the keyboard player, Janne Wirman. Holding his beer in one hand, he was lazily going through his parts.

Children played a good mix of old and new songs, really focusing on what the crowd wanted to hear. That’s probably why they decided to skip the second last album altogether. CoB played 3 songs from the new album, including singles “Halo of Blood” and “Scream for Silence”. Classics like “Follow the Reaper” got the crowd into a frenzy and Children were awarded with a black bra from the crowd mid-set. (at least the keyboardist had something to play with now).

Overall, it was a great show and the choice of the venue didn’t seem to bother anyone that much this time. Although there was no bus service from Sound Academy when the show ended, the happy crowd seemed to not care. Children of Bodom are definitely one of the bands that any metal fan has to go see at least once in their lifetime.

Check out all the photos from the show:

Death Angel:
Children of Bodom:

Written by: Raya P Morrison
Photos by: Stephanie Tran

Bring Me The Horizon – Sound Academy – Toronto Live Review


Bring Me The Horizon – Sound Academy – Toronto Live Review

Bring Me the Horizon, Sound Academy, February 22, 2014

Who: Bring Me The Horizon
From: Sheffield, UK
Where: Sound Academy, Toronto ON
When: February 22th, 2013


UK-based metalcore quintet Bring Me The Horizon delivered a relentless, high-energy performance on February 22 to a sold-out crowd at The Sound Academy.
The band is currently headlining the American Dream Tour in support of their fourth studio album, Sempiternal. The night also featured a who’s who of world metalcore, with stellar performances from US-based Issues and Of Mice & Men as well as Aussie quintet Northlane.

Sound Academy has been derided in the past as one of Toronto’s weaker venues when it comes to sound, but if this is the case then Bring Me The Horizon is definitely the exception, not the rule. The venue was the perfect arena for the big, loud sound that they brought to the floor, and such an open space provided ample opportunity for some epic mosh pits–yes, plural.

The band kept banter to a minimum, opting instead to dive headlong from one killer track to another, keeping the energy at its peak.

And even with the prospect of an early-morning Olympic hockey game looming, the crowd was still in the mood to party. The venue was packed to the teeth with an admittedly young crowd, but say what you will about kids these days, they definitely know how to enjoy a show. There were moments when the band’s vocals were utterly eclipsed by the number of people signing (/shouting?) along, and the sheer unadulterated energy of the crowd was practically palpable from the first chords of the set through the final bars of the encore.

All that’s left to say is that we can only hope to see more from these Brits *ahem* on the horizon.

[nggallery id=228]

Written by: Jes Ellacott
Photos by: Jason Hodgins

We Are The In Crowd – The Mod Club – Toronto Live Review


We Are The In Crowd – The Mod Club – Toronto Live Review

We Are The In Crowd, The Mod Club, February 23, 2014

Who: We Are The In Crowd
From: Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
Where: The Mod Club
When: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Total Score: 8.4/10

Style: pop-punk. Comparable to bands like Paramore and All Time Low.

The crowd was very enthusiastic during We Are The In Crowd’s set. There was no shortage of dancing or singing along. The Mod Club did not have any barricades to separate the fans from the band, increasing the level of intimacy. Fans eagerly grabbed for the hand of vocalist Tay Jardine as she held it out over the crowd. The audience was mixed, primarily consisting of young teenage girls to older guys who were there to mosh and even started circle pits, providing for an interesting combination when the two were put together.

The pop-punk image of the New York quintet did not go unnoticed during their set. Dawned in cut off shirts with neat designs on them (courtesy of their tour sponsor, clothing brand Glamour Kills), skinny jeans, and Vans shoes, the band’s image and fashion was just as comparable to the fans.

After playing several mosh-worthy songs, the band slowed it down by playing an acoustic version of their song “For The Win”, off their EP Guaranteed to Disagree. Jardine was accompanied by guitarist and back vocalist, Jordan Eckes as the two performed and the fans swayed back and forth to the music. Things got even more emotional when the band performed “Windows in Heaven” a song about the death of Jardine’s father. It was a very touching moment for the singer as she stayed fairly static during the performance, focusing on her singing, and the band backed her up with dramatic dynamics.

Overall, We Are The In Crowd provided an excellent set for their fans. The intimate venue gave room for an enjoyable experience for everyone who was in attendance. Although they didn’t talk to the fans as much as was expected in between songs, it was made up with the energy that the band put into each song. With the already immediate success that their new album, Weird Kids, is having, this is bound to be We Are The In Crowd’s year.

The set list was as followed:
The Best Thing (That Never Happened)
The Worst Thing About Me
Kiss Me Again
Never Be What You Want
Lights Out
For The Win (acoustic)
Windows in Heaven
Long Live the Kids
Exits and Entrances
On Your Own
Both Sides of the Story
Rumor Mill

Check out the rest of the photos:

Candy Heart:
State Champs:
Set It Off:
William Beckett:
We Are The In Crowd:

Written by: Jess Maxwell
Photos by: Stephanie Tran

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