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Another Canadian Comedy Show Just Passing Through?

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Just Passing Through


Alberta bound.

Canada is a comedy country. Standup, sketch. It’s in our blood like Maple Syrup. Speaking of which, having Maple Syrup for blood is probably bad for us. How come we’ve never bothered confronting that? Are we OK?? And how are we so much fitter than our American friends? I mean, we also invented poutine. Which is really just a delicious, gravy smothered future fitting for a colostemy bag cleverly disguised as a steaming pile of cheese curds made by those Quebec monks from the TV commercial, sprinkled like the Devil’s dandruff over chunky heaps of thick-cut Yukon Gold potatoes.

Jesus Murphy! I went way off-topic there. That was like food porn meets half a Stompin’ Tom song right there

Where was… Oh, right. Comedy!

Canada has spawned so many original, groundbreaking talents in comedy. And sure, carving out a living here at home is hard to do. But there are those select few vets that kept it Canadian, and decided (maybe not always on purpose) to dedicate themselves to make a go of it in the land of Twoonies and Tim Hortons. For the greater good of us all.

And so many more have made big waves stateside.

There would be no SNL if not for Canadians. From the show’s creator Lorne Michaels (and Scenesters reading this who are actually just learning that can go ahead and hang their head in shame. This is Canadian Comedy 101. Common sense 101 too, let’s be real). Not to mention half of SNL’s original cast and countless alumnis over the show’s 40 year run.

We’re the direct bloodline behind Second City too.

And that trend of Canadian comics influencing Uncle Sam carried on, right through the 80s, 90s and now. From Jim Carrey to half of Judd Apatow’s powerhouse repertory. Just to name two random examples in a very broad spectrum

Find me an American network sitcom or dramedy in the last decade without a moose-milker in the cast! We’re out there, meeting mothers, solving crimes, annoying cops & creating 14A rated sexual tension (to be fair those last 3 examples were all literally just Castle references). But that’s only because Stana Katic makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

And every once in a while, a jewel of the North comes along and takes control of our own TV dials. A diamond in the comedy rough gets a chance to shine, and twinkles up our own silver screens.

For those of us in the Canadian comedy game it’s an endless up-hill climb. Getting money, support, and a loyal AUDIENCE to make a project grow and last.

For every Trailer Park Boys there are 6,000 Satisfactions that didn’t survive the swim back to sea. We see so many samplings of comedy genius pass by like a spirit in the night. Picnicface for un autre example.

And there have been a million more movie entrees served up since Meatballs, but man is it hard to get the recipe right.

And there I go again. Recycle metaphors much, Dean?

I really do apologize, Scenesters. But only because it’s the Canadian thing to do. (I grew up on the Ontario/Minnesota border so I’m double polite. Or spineless. However you want to say it. I promise I wouldn’t have the first clue how to get mad)  

JUST PASSING THROUGH is just such a Maritime-based comedy series looking for a much-deserved leg up. Toronto comic (and New Brunswick export) Karen Mitton turned us on to this gem of a web series that hails from her side of the Rand McNally 

This quirky independent web series has garnered praise from critics coast to coast, and has been getting the good lovin’ from major Canuck rags like The Ottawa Citizen and the Globe & Mail. Co-creators Jeremy Larter, Jason Larter and Geoff Read even gained runner-up status for “TV Artist of the Year” in John Doyle’s Globe section, just behind Vince Gilligan – yes, THAT Vince Gilligan. The mad chemist behind Breaking Bad. No slouch to play second to. Not bad, boys! 

Just Passing Through is the haphazard comedy of errors of two Maritimers hitching their way out to the boomtowns of Alberta to get as they put it “loaded rich”. Two fish out of water headed straight for cowtown, let’s say.

Now, the small but mighty crew behind Just Passing Through has launched a kickstarter campaign to keep the laughs coming for a second season. It’s a little show that could. In fact, can. Season 1 garnered quite a following, making it one of the most well watched web series in Canada. Today. And probably also like EVER!

Canadian comedy is a land of institutions. The more we can encourage comedy in Canada, the more we can create our own content – well, the sky’s the limit. Maybe I really can get late night TV back on the air in Canada (I will, don’t worry Scenesters)  

Maybe next year Just Passing Through will be kickstarting a season 3? Bigger & more budgeted than ever.

I have a good feeling. But of course, you can only help it along!

It’s just the Canadian thing to do.

You can (and should) watch season 1 at


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