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Tuesdays @ 120



Summer 2014 might not have been as much bang as your buck can normally buy. But then again, this ain’t Bangkok. Not even Nevada. We Canadians take our summers hot, wet, fast & dirty.  

But the time has come for Toronto to head home – back to the city grind, the race of rats. Crawl inside your cubbies and abandon all ye thoughts of cottages and canoes! When the sun sets over that electric, condo-studded skyline and the Church (Street) bells toll, the place to be is 120 Diner.

I’m not sure when exactly this swank little watering hole popped up on the southern stretch of Toronto’s most famous Church (I’m not much for traditional research, more of a “go with your gut” type of journalism. After all, who will edit the editor?) But one thing we know, 120 Diner (the lower portion of an overall night spot called Club 120) has been fast asserting itself as another destination of note for independent comedy in the city of the nocturnal hipster.

Starting earlier this year with a weekly open mic on Wednesday nights (originally upstairs, at the Club. We should not neglect to note), 120 now hosts a handful of comedy shows that young comics are flocking to. Like Blundstone boots to a Best Coast concert. And why not? Stage time is a drug they’ll do strange & terrible things to get their sweaty little Dickensian orphan paws on – and in this case, there’s a swank night spot, with all the right lighting & a warm, eager crowd on offer. A warm, well-lit place to shoot their drug of choice! (*COMEDY) Where the punchlines floweth like the beers of Aspen. Who knew!

The venue’s own impresario turned booker, promoter, MC & producer Mandy Goodhandy (a trailblazing trans comedian to boot)  has paired up with a number of upcoming comics to produce a range of original, crowd-driven comedy shows under the 120 banner. And now, Tuesday nights are on the map

Teaming up with Toronto’s rant king, former pro baseball ump and poker prodigy JJ Liberman, ‘Tequila Tuesdays’ at 120 Diner now features a bonafide comedy competition. Love ’em or loathe ’em (that coin has value on both sides, to be fair) competitions can encourage crowds to come out and check the new talent.

Every Tuesday night at 8:30 (through next spring, so you don’t really have the ”I’m busy that night” card in your hand) Goodhandy & Liberman are giving amateur comics of every stripe a shot to compete at cold, hard cash. And true to classic comedy competition form, you – ie, the audience – get’s your say. Cheap drink? The dreams of young comedians dined upon and dashed on, live before your very eyes, while you give the yay or nay like a bloated Roman Emperor? You’d be hard pressed to find more electric plans on a Tuesday night. And besides, you’re helping a standup scene flourish for yet another year, in a city with no shortage of talent – that’s gotta come equipped with its share of extra karma.

Tequila Tuesdays, and all other comedy & live event happenings at 120 Diner can be found at


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