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Michelle Christine 2 yr


My how time flies. It was just a couple years ago now that I first met Michelle Christine.

It was around the tail end of 2012. Or maybe the start of 2013. I was guest hosting the infamous Toronto room that is Ein Stein’s Bier Hall. I was half-way through a beer-soaked night of whipping stoned-drunk college kids into a lathered frenzy. Sundays are notorious for inexplicably offering up free pool tables, and my voice was half blown out from screaming over the nerve-shattering cacophony of pool cues and balls clacking through a room of rowdy 19 year olds.

In walks this firecracker in a motorcycle suit, she pulls off her helmet and shakes my hand eagerly in one single stroke, and stars firing off a million introductions and questions. Her name is Michelle Christine, and I’m Dean right? And which shows are mine? And what are some good shows to do/check out? And how long have I been in Toronto for? And etc. etc. etc.

Sweet Jesus! Such energy, such a ZEAL for this demented, broken world of comedy. I recognized yet another bright new beacon on these churning black waters, another friendly bell ringing through the night – cutting through the mist on this foul river of sewage and doomed souls! Of course, I hadn’t yet seen her on stage. But she was positive as shit! Almost annoyingly so

And here we are, 2 years later on the comedy beat and Michelle Christine has long become fast friends with the Toronto comedy scene. An eager (and still every bit as energetic) and wide-eyed young comic on the fast rise. She put together my own favorite ¨TRUE¨ open mic in this town, now a cult drop-in for local crowd killers of every stripe, Monday nights down at the Ossington. Her seasonal ‘Let’s Laugh’ showcase at Comedy Bar has presented her own personal favorite jokesmiths for the hip kids of comedy (for the record she hasn’t booked me on one… yet)

And recently, Christine made her way into this year’s crop of comics vying for the Tim Sims encouragement fund, duking it out at Second City’s ‘Fresh Meat’ showcase.

Yup, things are lookin’ A-OK for Michelle, and I’ve often told her she reminded me of me when I started out – scrappy, wide-eyed, and with similar origins. And we do hail from the same hometown of comedy (adopted hometown, though it may be)

You can keep tabs on Christine’s next moves, and get some uncut insights into the life of a young comic making her way up, with her daily standup diary in POV video form on Teh Interwebz.

Meantime, she has a 2nd anniversary to celebrate. Joined by special guests Shirley Walen (her co-host Mondays @ The Ossington) Christophe Davidson (Yuk Yuks, I Heart Jokes) and Toronto’s reigning comedy cougars The Sues



Thurs Oct 2 @ Comedy Bar




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