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Passion Pit Toronto Danforth – Live Review

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Passion Pit at Toronto Danforth – Live Review

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Passion Pit at The Danforth – Photos: Jay Hodgins

When: April 29, 2015


Visual/Sound Presentation: 7/10
Stage Presence: 6/10
Musical Ability: 7/10
Originality: 8/10
Crowd Reception: 10/10
Wow Factor: 8/10

Passion Pit is big. Not in terms of chart domination or cultural influence but more so that everything about Michael Angelakos and the neon-tinted synth pop anthems he’s been making for the last six years carries more weight than one would expect. 

Case-in-point: the huge banner emblazoned with Passion Pit’s name, dominating the stage at Danforth Music Hall. The banner came accompanied by an equally huge lighting rig, not to mention a gear setup that looked like somebody had robbed a warehouse’s worth of analog synths and effects racks (In a recent interview, Angelakos quipped that Passion Pit may have finally beaten Hot Chip for number of keyboards on stage).

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Nashville four-piece Coin opened and despite their sonic and visual anonymity, the crowd was receptive of their blog-friendly, uptempo

As soon as Passion Pit took the stage to the glittering stomp 
of current hit “Lifted Up (1985)”, the project’s strengths were demonstrated: titanic hooks, danceable grooves, and an overall aesthetic of more, more, more. A five-piece band, all of who were necessary to accurately replicate Passion Pit’s overloaded arrangements, backed Angelakos. Drummer Chris Hartz in particular contributed showy fills that gave the performances an arena-ready rock feel. Angelakos himself was in fine form, consistently pulling off the (in)famously high-pitched vocals that remain Passion Pit’s signature.

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At times, the brickwalled choruses drowned him out, potentially dulling their impact. It was then that the frontman would rely on his not-so-secret weapon: the crowd. There were very few moments when they weren’t on their feet, matching Passion Pit’s nearly non-stop assault throughout. Every time Angelakos pointed his mic out, the audience responded enthusiastically, elevating the likes of “Little Secrets”, “Take a Walk”, and (of course) “Sleepyhead” into the stratosphere. In general, the energy level in the room was high, peaking with an unstoppable middle block of cuts from 2012’s Gossamer LP.

The performance itself seemed fairly routine for Passion Pit. Angelakos’ banter was nonexistent other than the usual “we’re happy to be here” fare and each of the songs were played as is with no jams or unexpected touches. 

While acts in the same vein as Passion Pit have become much more common in this decade, there is still no one doing exactly what Angelakos does. Much has been made of the divide between his tortured lyrics and the sugary melodies he chooses to convey them and it was apparent during the show — the terrified “oh nooooo!” hook from “The Reeling” got one of the biggest sing-alongs of the night. Angelakos is a pro pop craftsman at this point and most of the show felt like a live “greatest hits” compilation, with most of the setlist coming from Passion Pit’s back catalog rather than new album Kindred.  

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I came away impressed with the effect Passion Pit had on their fans. It’s not easy to get an indie crowd going in this city, and Angelakos did that simply by singing his outsized, anxious, but masterfully crafted pop songs. A solid, fun night out.

See album here:

Passion Pit is big. Not in terms of chart domination or cultural influence but more so that everything about Michael…

Posted by The Scene Magazine on Thursday, 30 April 2015


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