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We The Dirty North

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Dirty North


Diapers. Dog Shit. Condoms. Comedy.   

The thaw is on in Hogtown, and the dirtiest of the dirty rises from under the frost. 

Raw, unwashed, and straight up filthy.

There’s this age old idea that somehow Canadian comedy has to be squeaky clean for mass consumption. That we’re somehow sworn to safety. That we like our punches pulled and our political satire to be stale and the edges dulled. Nah, that’s not really how we do. 

A former pro baseball umpire and degenerate gambler turned standup comic named J.J Liberman is out to change those hearts and minds. By yelling at them. And by curating a comedy show that caters to the late night masses, with no taboo left unturnt up and turned out. Is he a man on a mission, a comic with an agenda, or just a screaming mad dog nut job? All of the above? You’re all correct. He’s also a big ‘ol all Canadian softy at heart, who really and simply just loves comedy. He eats, sleeps and breathes standup. Almost as much as protein 

Dude’s got mad love of the game. And starting this April, JJ Liberman’s assembling a lineup of some of Canada’s filtay-ist dirtbags to tell that ish like it is at Toronto’s famous Comedy Bar.     

There are a few common things that drive me nuts in comedy. The word ‘skit’ versus ‘sketch’ (I know the improv elitists and sketchperts on the scene could probably explain why both terms are valid), but I yam what I yam. I also hate the word “comedic”. ‘Comedic Performance’ sounds like something your 5th grade teacher might write on your report card if you kept fucking around during math class. And the catch-alls that are ascribed to comedy. Clean comedy, dirty comedy, blue comedy, corporate comedy, male comedy, female comedy – who gives a flying, shitting rat fuck! Comedy is comedy. Is comedy. Don’t marginalize me, bro. Comics adapt or die – the best ones anyways. 

So the idea (I assumption) behind Liberman’s “WE THE DIRTY NORTH” is pooling together a hand-picked lineup of Toronto’s up and coming crowd killers and Canada’s hotshot young headliners, and setting them loose on a late night crowd. No limits, no restrictions, all the filthy fixings. Its comedy after all. Let the killers kill and the bombs die a flat death on the stage. The easily offended need not apply. That’s all, jokes.

The lineup for the inaugural DIRTY NORTH showcase is stacked, and its a mixed bag. Comics you’ve seen and heard on network television and Sirius XM, or on the local dial. Club comics, sketch savages, seasoned festival vets. All joining Liberman on stage. Here’s how it shapes up…     

Chris Robinson (NXNE, World Series of Comedy)
Marc Trinidad (BET Comic View)
Ryan Long (Absolute Comedy, Ryan Long Is Challenged)
Danny Polischuck (Absolute Comedy, NXNE)
Stephanie Tolev (JFL42, *CCA nominee Ladystache)
Josh Infald (The Roast of Ron Jeremy, Dark Comedy Festival)

And the mad dog of the hour, JJ Liberman (NXNE, Sportsnet 360)

That’s really all you needed to know to go, and now you know. We the Dirty North kicks off Friday April 10 on stage at Toronto’s Comedy Bar. Besides, how could you not trust this mug?


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