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Nitish Sakhuja’s Dope Show

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Nitish Sakhuja

Yo, guy. For real, Nitish Sakhuja is one of my favorite comics coming up in Canada today. He’s dope. He’s sick (not literally, don’t worry) And on Toronto’s ever-booming Pot Comedy scene, Nitish is quickly becoming one of the main players. 

Let me explain. Toronto is home to a growing number of “Weed Rooms”. Standup shows help in vapour lounges across the city. Tokes ‘n jokes. Every one of these shows undeniably has it’s own personality. Flavoured by the tone of the show, and driven by the MC style of the standup holding it down. Sakhuja plays host to two of these shows. On Tuesdays, he can be found at the newer room ‘Planet Paradise’ in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood. 

Taco Tuesday Planet Paradise

And once a month, he runs a showcase of crowd killers at one of the pot scene’s most established spots. VAPE ON THE LAKE. More of a 420-flavoured comedy club than a weed room. This place is home to a revolving roster of shows, hosted by a handful of upcoming comics on the stoned stand-up scene. Nitish’s own “DOPE ASS COMEDY SHOW” takes up residence the 3rd Saturday of the month. With some of the city’s finest upcoming crowd killers (and 420 favorites) playing to a packed crowd. There’s even sponsors, swag, and giveaways. They’re not fucking around. Nitish Sakhuja is about that life. 

Nitish Sakhuja Vape On The Lake

As a comic, it makes a massive difference stepping onstage in front of a room full of regulars who come out for comedy. They want a show. They’re there to support. And we better deliver.

Sakhuja does. Sakhuja brings it. I was on the Dope Ass Show last month, and it was one of my favorite sets in the last little while. They were into it. We were into it. The room was right. A committed crowd in a room with a vibe that good? As a comic, there’s literally no better high.

I’d say the biggest difference in building an independent comedy scene, is venues and producers who support the show. Vape on the Lake has become on of the city’s foremost pot comedy spots for this reason. They believe in comedy. They have a live, local crowd that WANTS comedy. And every show on this stage, delivers. Catch Nitish Sakhuja next month with the Dope Ass Comedy Show. And you can just follow him on Twitter @NitishSakhuja like a normal person, and keep up to date on all of his shows (*READER BEWARE: Do not follow Nitish on Twitter if you have an allergy or otherwise traumatic aversion to hashtags. He abuses them) 

Vape on the Lake

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