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Jokes ‘n Yokes: Brunchlines Comedy

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Hipster Brunch

(Courtesy: The San Diego Reader)

In Toronto culture, brunch is practically a religious rite. Did I spell that rite? Every weekend, hipster kids of every ilk line the streets to feed their inner need for organic beans brewed up and served out of mason jars, and free-run eggs slinged up with a side of salsa. The people demand huevos! (*Editor’s note: eggs, not balls) Well, some people might eat balls for breakfast, if they’re on fear factor or just at some weird deli, but we’re not here to judge! Your comedy editor is after all just a CIS-ter from another mister. Love!

Whelp, Montreal comedy export turned Toronto MC/producer Kris Bonaparte is putting a different spin on the whole brunch scene. Kicking off this Sunday, “Brunchlines Comedy” takes over the Social Capital Theatre featuring an over-easy (don’t know what this metaphor means, sorry) lineup of some of Toronto’s top crowd killers!

The laughs will be served up while you chew your way through brunchy, meaty goodness catered courtesy of literally my personal fav eating spot in the T-Dot (yes I still call it that, screw “The Six”. I’m 86-ing the 6ix. And the Skydome is still the Skydome!) AFT KITCHEN & BAR!!    

MAN BUNS AND TOP KNOTS NEED KNOT APPLY!! …OK, just kidding. (Kind of) Comedy Editor’s preference. But I don’t call the shots. Brunch is, after all, vital to the hipster identity, as I mentioned earlier. And it’s also delicious. And now, hilarious too! This Sunday upstairs at the Black Swan in the SoCap Theatre the “Brunchlines” comedy series kicks off with headliner Sandra Battaglini (Canadian Comedy Awards, Family Slides, Maps to the Stars) and special guests Jennifer McAuliffe, Ryan Hillis and ME (Dean Young) Southern style BBQ brunch PLUS comedy?? How could you not! Fat Southern lawyers everywhere are dabbing their brows right now just reading this. “I do declaaaayur, this’ll be a powerful good show. Mmm yayuss, paahful, paahful good”

Done. Come through (hate that saying too, I’m #old) Come to the show! THIS Sunday at 1.

Look! It’s right here for your convenients!! (Yes I’m on it, so what?)

Brunchlines Comedy April 10

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