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Adam Beyer Delivers A Brilliant Extended Set At CODA

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Adam Beyer Toronto CODA – The Swedish Drumcode label-head treats techno fans to a much needed 4-hour long set

Adam Beyer

There are a few artists in the Dance Music community who only appear in our city once a year; thanks to entertainment companies Platform, Embrace and Sound Mind, Adam Beyer, one of these artists, made his yearly appearance at CODA as a part of his month long North American Tour.

Anticipation for this night was off the walls and you could feel this as soon as you stepped into the venue. Openers Jamie Kidd and Greg Gow did an outstanding job of warming up the crowd and setting the mood for Beyer to take over the decks at around 1:15AM.

With an interesting mix of tech/deep house and techno, they slowly brought up the tempo to prepare us for the Drumcode master to follow. A highlight track from Jamie Kids opening set was The Martinez Brothers’ “Issshhh.”

Once on the decks, the Swedish tech monster demonstrated why he has constantly maintained his position at the top of the underground charts. While puffing on his e-cigarette, Beyer seamlessly blended a mix of techno, progressive and deep tunes that made it impossible to stand still. With tracks like Matt Fax’s “Watch”, Hebert Bravo’s “Rush Hours” and Super Crunch’s “Dreamscape”, the crowd was taken on a 4hr journey full of ups and downs. Also worthy of mentioning was a moment at around 3AM when the crowd had thinned out and Beyer graced us with his own remix of “Let’s go Dancing” Tiga VS Audion. Needless to say, everyone went bananas!

Although the club did not remain packed the whole night, a significant number of music aficionados’ stayed until the very end of Beyer’s set motivating him to play an encore track once the night had been called off; Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg’s “You Know” was Beyers’ selection for this opportunity. What a great way to pass on the excitement to Ida’s upcoming appearance at CODA in two weeks time-yet another highly anticipated show brought to us by Platform, Embrace and Sound Mind.

By: Mateo Abascal