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Aerosmith rocking it as hard as ever 50 years on

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With a combined age in the mid 360s, you could forgive Boston’s most famous hard rocking export for toning things down just a little bit as the band celebrates 50 years with a Las Vegas residency. You could forgive them that – except that’s not what they’re doing. 

Stand the f*** up, screamed Steve Tyler at a couple sitting in the second row, as he ripped off his shirt to reveal a six pack that a man half his age would be proud of. This is Vegas and we’re all gonna get laid tonight. And so began a gig that seemed to literally roll back the years. 

To say that Tyler and Joe Perry each wear their seven decades well is only part of the story. Where some, like Paul McCartney and, dare we say it, the Stones, are clearly unable to hit the notes they once could, everything from Tyler’s lips and Perry’s Gibson sounds as sharp, raw and edgy as it did in the 1970s.

More than just a gig

Of course, everything is bigger in Vegas, so where better to celebrate 50 years in the business? The relatively intimate setting of the Park Theater is part of the sprawling MGM complex, and right in the heart of the Strip. That’s great news for those who enjoy playing the slots or spinning the roulette wheel at Liveroulette online, as they have plenty of opportunity to try their luck in the world’s most famous real-world casinos before the event gets underway. 

The gig kicks off with a 45 minute retrospective showing some Aerosmith highlights from the past half century. The film show is an unusual way to kick off a hard rock gig, and while some audience members were clearly impatient to get on to the main event, the majority seemed to enjoy it and the minutes flew by. 

A classic set

A 50 year retrospective in the heart of Las Vegas is no time to be showcasing new material, and the boys know it. People came to hear the songs they love, and for many of the audience members who have, themselves, experienced well over 50 summers, it was a chance to relive those childhood years. 

Back In the Saddle, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Sweet Emotion, Love in an Elevator, all the classics were brought out and greeted with roars of approval. As the show reached its climax, Tyler sat at the piano to play the opening bars of Dream On, while Perry jumped on top of it for one last solo. Even that wasn’t quite the end though, and a second encore had the house jumping to the Walk This Way.

The show will go on

There are plenty of big acts who have been around as long as Aerosmith, but with most, the gigs are tinged with sadness at the thought that this could be the last time. That’s not the case here, and while we know they won’t go on forever, the evidence before your eyes is that they just might. As if to prove the point, the Las Vegas residency has just been extended and will now run well into 2020. Get along, you’ll have a blast – but remember to get out of your seat.