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Alvvays at Ritual – Ottawa Live Review

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Who: Alvvays (Always)

From: Toronto, ON

Where: Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa

When: Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Total Score: 8/10

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Style: Indie-pop

Crowd: The crowd was tame for Alvvays, but seemed to enjoy their music. Being a relatively new band that only has two songs professionally recorded, the audience wasn’t completely familiar with their tunes.

Technicalities: For an up and coming band, Alvvays has a surprisingly steady sound. Molly Rankin leads vocals with a sweet, steadfast tone and consistent guitar chords. Alec O’Hanley matches Rankin’s guitar tunes with his own, equally as pleasing. Kerri Maclellan contributes on the keyboards by setting the tone for their indie-pop appeal. Phil MacIsaac blends his precise drum beats wonderfully with the rest of the instruments while Brian Murphy’s deep bass lines compliment their light hearted pop sound.

Image: The members of Alvvays carried themselves confidently and seemed collected. They were comfortable with the stage and their music, and didn’t need to portray a certain image to prove themselves. 

Memorable Moment: Alvvays was consistent throughout their entire performance. They started and finished with the same amount of energy, they not once faulted on their tracks and they kept up a professional stage presence. It’s refreshing to watch a good band begin their journey. 

Overall: Alvvays has incredibly impressive stage presence for a new band touring with bigger ones, such as Young Galaxy and Said the Whale. Their upbeat tempo lined with the slightest grit makes you feel like you’re attending the coolest party in an indie film. Alvvays’ tunes were very pleasing and the perfect way to start off the night.

Reviewed and written by Brianna Harris

Photos by Jake Edwardes


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