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Andrew Bonia – Biography

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Andrew J. Bonia
Position: Editor / Comic Writer







Andrew Bonia is a published author and professional editor. He’s worked for Memorial University, VOCM and Yale University. He’s an avid comics writer and has been published at, Yale – Palimpsest, The Examiner, The Independent and, as well as writing for the Ninja Turtles in Tales of the TMNT. As a poet he has been published in TickleAce and Jabberwocky (Prime Books).

He has a bachelor with honours in English and Philosophy from Memorial University and has also studied in New York, East Sussex UK and Victoria BC.   Andrew brings a broad base of worldly knowledge to THE SCENE.  He is responsible for the weekly comics section and edits every article before it goes live.   If it’s a part of THE SCENE chances are Andrew knows about it.



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