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Andy Michaels – Revisited – Album Review

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Andy Michaels

Like the softer sides of Peter Gabriel and Cat Stevens before him, Andy Michaels is a diverse and soulful musician that puts weight into everything he writes. With a record that offers something for everyone, Michaels is making a bold step into the world of pop.

Michael’s range of influences is immediately noticeable on “Today’s Tomorrow” and his ability to blend them all together is surprisingly smooth. This said, the production brings a very makes each genre feel all the more obvious and keeps some songs from feeling like a unique sound rather than a clear blend. As intimate as “Angel (Ft. Kerrie Ironside)” is, it does feel noticeably derivative of something like “You Are My Sunshine” which makes its bridges the real meat of the track. “Just Because U Love Someone” finds Michaels and Ironside giving an enlightening look at both sides of a relationship, although the melodies don’t always offer the same creativity.

The guitar really shines throughout this album, and gives songs like “When I Close My Eyes” and “I’ll Be Alright (Loving You)” much more life than you’d expect. The writing does feel occasionally cliché or even cheesy in the sound effects of a song like “I Just Want To Be The One” or the dated aesthetics of something like “Will There Be Love.

Overall it’s the great pop and emotional writing of something like “Home” that shows the promise of where Michaels can go. Even the majesty of songs like “Back To Me” or “Lucretia’s Eylandt” freshen things up when the simple guitar ballad starts to grow too straightforward.

Though Andy Michaels isn’t reinventing the wheel on this album, his ability to bring real gravitas to a song is powerful no matter what style he puts it in. Given some more variety and time writing, Michaels will really offer something new to acoustic pop.