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Arkavello – Songs From The Future – Album Review

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Alberta band Arkavello’s three song EP, Songs From The Future, is a solid example of quality over quantity. While short, the genre-spanning songwriting shows a ton of promise, easily worth sacrificing length. Its smartly designed cover suggests the same for the album, but does it hit the same high?

Opening on the appropriately fantastical  “Caught In A Fantasy” the album opens big, on a song that feels like it could score a million movie trailers. The song perfectly uses flanger, an effect often reserved for over-the-top 80s guitar solos, to add to the epic sprawling sound of the song, mix in delay and the thumping drums, and the sound gets even bigger. This song fits the cover art perfectly as listeners can imagine floating through endless space much like the endless infinite sound the song creates.

Things get more acoustic on “Here We Are” which takes a tried and true verse line, and throws in a stellar chorus line that feels like bliss every time it comes in. The eerie ooo’s that open the song deliver a haunting opening that feel echoed in its guitar solo, the only thing missing was more of these haunting calls in the dark. The song’s breakdown feels almost necessary by the time it comes in, creating a relief when it finally arrives and delivers the final chorus.

Closing track “Vanilla” is anything but, opening on a powerful percussion section that causes a primal urge to dance and some killer bass, the song has its rhythm set from the word go. The track feels like a lost Mother Mother track, with its delicious harmonies and guitar lines that are both driving and beautiful. The prechorus hits perfectly and showcases some stellar song writing chops for the band, this is seconded by the amazing and catchy chorus it builds to. The song jams on a bass-driven bridge before slowing down to let the guitar play in the open space of the song before the vocals kick the song into its final climactic chorus. The song ends the album blissfully on a final harmony that proves ending on a whimper can be more effective than a bang.

Arkavello fits more great songwriting on their three song EP than a lot of bands do on full albums, with some amazing moments and choruses throughout. Songs From The Future absolutely matches the quality of its cover, if not exceeding it. Their harmonies are top notch, feeling magical instead of added on. The soundscaping is amazing on this EP, where many bands struggle to make albums sounds like what they want, Arkavello seem to be trying to find even newer sounds to play with. If the band can stretch the potential from this album into a full-length release they’ll have lightning in a bottle.



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