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Autumn Kings – Illusion – Single Review

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It’s not too often you hear the stellar blend of Latin-music with punk-rock. Windsor’s Autumn Kings manage to bridge this gap to powerful effect on their new single, getting all the grooves and bounce of Latin guitar mixed with the tone and attitude of punk. Scratchy distortion and overpowering chants bring catchy punk gusto to the track, the pop-punk vocals also managing to land somewhere between the smooth glide of Spanish vocalists and the endless hooks and lyrical styling of bands like Billy Talent. Somehow between all their thrashing they manage a sound somewhere between Maroon 5, the aforementioned Billy Talent, Santana, and even some of Muse’s more Latin-infused tracks.

Throughout Autumn Kings‘¬†new video for the track, the band rocks wholeheartedly in a loft to a rowdy crowd of drinking fans. Bouncing between the full speed electricity of their live churn, they also move into some slow motion moments to capture every second of exhilaration on the band and crowd’s face. Between the track’s lyrics about the illusions caused by lovers who say one thing and while wanting to leave it’s also interesting that a singular member of the crowd is focused on, going from rocking onlooker to phone-checking and mysteriously disappears at the video’s close.