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Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Review

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Avengers: Infinity War – Movie Review

Rating: B (Good)

Trailer/Thumbnail Courtesy Walt Disney Studios

It’s hard to deny how impressive Marvel’s accomplishments have been over the past ten years. What started off as an idea to start a franchise with multiple connecting characters has built up a world with a wide array of superheroes. Somehow, the collective efforts of the filmmakers employed by Marvel Studios have allowed us to buy a universe with a talking raccoon, Norse gods and magical wizards. Avengers: Infinity War feels like the result of what all of the previous films have been leading up to, which will make longtime viewers excited at seeing new interactions and partnerships. The result is ultimately a rewarding blockbuster that does provide the proper stakes and adventure.

Crafting the story for Infinity War must have been a huge undertaking for  directors Joe and Anthony Russo and chief screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, with the other Marvel filmmakers likely given ideas of where the superheroes would end up. After many years of evil alien Thanos making short appearances with occasional hints of his thirst for power, Infinity War finally shows him for the threat he is. He is the core focus and by making sure all of the Avengers have a singular goal in wanting to destroy him, the Russos find the proper motivation for each of them. There are a whole bunch of characters they need to establish and re-introduce, with the first hour being exactly that. Newcomers might need a glossary before walking in, but it’s neat to see all of the heroes interact. The Russos play around with the dynamics by creating some interesting team-ups.

Some heroes are relegated to short scenes, but others get a fair amount of screen time. Iron Man and Captain America are already well developed, but Doctor Strange is finally made a compelling personality after his initial underwhelming appearances. Even as the movie jumps between the multiple stories, the Russos are able to make the storyline easy to follow. Occasionally, the mind does start to wander what other characters are up to during certain intervals. During the first lengthy act of Infinity War, there is a check list as we await who will show up next. However, a smile does greet their introductions. There are more than a few stand-out moments sure to elicit cheers and the humour characteristic of many Marvel films is nicely handled here.

The action is directed with both the necessary spirit and the drama. The Russos do showcase early on how much of an unrelenting villain Thanos is, so conclusions aren’t as predictable as one might expect. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been running long enough that there is a bit of uncertainty as to who might survive the events. The choreography and special effects are high quality and this is especially important for the gigantic-sized climax. Occasionally, superhero films start to peter out when they reach the action packed finale, but Infinity War adds new surprises, thus making for an entertaining experience. The Russos take particular advantage of the locations they’ve placed the characters into.

Most of the Marvel Studios productions have been decent and entertaining romps and Avengers: Infinity War certainly continues that more-or-less consistent quality. The appeal of this film is seeing the interactions between the various personalities we have grown attached to over the past decade, more-so than any meaningful or complex story. That it doesn’t seem like everything will be wrapped up with a tidy bow keeps interest high and it will definitely be curious what directions the series will follow from here.  In recent years, Marvel Studios has slowly been experimenting and breaking out of its calculated formula and Infinity War is another example of this. It’s a well oiled machine I will be happy to see run for many more years.


Stefan Ellison

Stefan Ellison