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Avicii Toronto concert leaves 30 treated for intoxication

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Avicii concert leaves 30 treated for intoxication in Toronto at The Rogers Centre (SNL video HERE)  – but was this an exaggeration?

Avicii Toronto

Legendary EDM producer Avicii performed in front of 40,000 people at an all ages event tonight in Toronto. However, local news has reported that an unprecedented amount of young teens have been sent to the hospital for drug and alcohol over dose.

CP24 has reported that the concert was out of control with the headline:

Several concert-goers sent to hospital during Avicii show:

One arrest has been made in connection with the incident…however it’s quite clear that this is a normal occurrence for any event of this size according to Toronto EMS:

“we were not requested to stand by for the concert the venue had taken steps to hire private personal and medical personal however they got overwhelmed  and we have now come over and have now assumed command.”

“The majority of the kids are good kids they are having fun and enjoying the concert. Unfortunately we have a few kids who are using excessive alcohol and partying and they can’t handle it.”

The Scene: How many guys have you had to pull out tonight?

Toronto EMS (Peter Rotolo): We treated probably about 30 people so far.  10 have been transported looked at about 30.  Had parents come pick up a few and friends took the rest.

The Scene:  Anybody died?

Toronto EMS: NO

The Scene: Everybody’s ok, mostly alcohol?

Toronto EMS: Yeah and kids.
Meanwhile SNL has made a fun video about Avicii


It seems that every move made by famous DJs are scrutinized.  Every attempt to ensure credibility of the genre becomes a massive media frenzy.  Tonight was no exception, as a sold out crowd quickly turned into a headline.

Perhaps the culture as predicted, is cannibalizing itself.  But kid you not we are here to keep the players in check.

The id, ego and super-ego have alined and we will be watching as the scene ever develops.

The fault is not on the fans but perhaps the industry and it’s self indulgence as $500+ VIPs become the norm for major festivals and music looses it’s touch to lust and consumerism.

Unfortunately we may be killing the scene of EDM faster than we can consume it.

However if you do the math 30 people of 40,000+ is about 0.00075%.  Dare we compare that to the history of rock concerts?  Perhaps the death of Death of Meredith Hunter comes to mind?   Will Altamont repeat itself?

Seems to me that we are still a long ways off.


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