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Big Music Fest Brings Party to Kitchener for Second Year

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Big Music Fest Brings Party to Kitchener for Second Year

Soundgarden at Big Music Fest - Photos: Dagmar Yu

Soundgarden at Big Music Fest – Photos: Dagmar Yu

Big Music Fest brought the party to Kitchener for a second year in a row last night. Saturday’s event attracted over 10,000 people making the festival a success despite a Sunday cancellation featuring Rod Stewart due to low ticket sales.

While production was down scaled for the two day event, the quality of performances and overall delivery from organizers, crew, volunteers and security more than made up for it.

“This is really beautiful, this is amazing, thank you for being here.”  stated frontman Chris Cornell as the band hammered through an 18 song set that covered fan favorites spanning mostly from Badmotorfinger to King Animal.

A few rarities reared up including the bands first single, 1987’s Hunted Down, Kyle Petty (Son Of Richard) from 1994’s B-Sides and Birth Ritual which prior to (2015) hadn’t been played in 23 years.

Earlier this year both songs were played on the band’s Australian tour

It started out as a muggy bright and sunny 25C afternoon with The Mohrs, The Glorious Sons, and 80s legends Extreme. The Modern Hearts opened the show, which is an opportunity afforded to the winner of Breaking Bands a competition created by festival organizer Mark Higgins and sponsored by The Scene. The band beat out 19 bands on the main stage last year for the chance to open the show yesterday.  Next year the torch will be passed on to Toronto’s The Rathburns, who beat out over 50 bands in Breaking Bands Toronto (just to get there) and had been crowned victorious the night before.

As the late afternoon heat became an early evening haze, Monster Truck took to the stage around 6:30.

I’ve been waiting to do that all fucking day. Let’s go!” stated Jeremy Widerman guitarist for Monster Truck after opening with “The Lion” from the bands 2013 double LP Furiosty.

I’ve been waiting to do THAT all fucking day! Let’s go! ” “Sorry mom!” #MonsterTruck #BigMusicFest

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Jane’s Addiction went from sexy to strange and pushed the boundaries of the crowd.  Perry Farrell addressed the fact that he was traveling with his kids, which didn’t seem to make sense or resonate with the crowd. Guitarist Dave Navarro was in top form playing very tasty chops which turned heads more than once on hits Mountain and Stop.    At the age of 48 he’s still got his looks with mother daughter combinations rushing the stage after their performance to snap a picture. Two hot girls came on to dance midway through the set and soon waived goodbye and walked off stage. They were replaced by two fly girls. The girls came on and were ascended to the air suspended only from hooks on their backs and swayed back and forth while the band performed.   When they descended back down someone yelled “Yeah, put them down, that’s gross!” “Are you sick of snow?  yeah? Well I didn’t say rain I said snow.  I’m sick of rain too.  Although you know when it rains it is a blessing.   You gotta look at it like that, sometimes you know.   When you think things are really fucked up it’s really a weird lesson somehow.   It’s like when your dad’s kicking your ass.   You say this is good for me.   Ahhh no… getting your ass kicked sucks too.   This sucks everywhere from Los Angeles California…bunas acacia” Said Farrell in a random rant (SEE VIDEO) before ending off their set with ‘Jane Says’. When Soundgarden hit the stage shortly at 9:30pm it was clear that this was the band that Kitchener wanted to see.    There was no shortage of band tee shirts with sightings of everything from “The Days We tried To Live” tour Tees from 1994 to King Animals tour Tees from last summer. Cornell joked with the crowd at one point stating: “I didn’t think that the wind was blowing this way, it’s blowing the other way.   But there’s smog of it and it’s so dense that we’re just kindda stuck in it.  It’s so dense that it’s made it kind of made its way up here and we’re just kindda stuck in it, it’s our fog machine.   The dope smoke fog machine. Which I think I’ve just invented tonight and I’m gonna manufacture it now that they are decriminalizing it in most places.  And from now on that’s what we’ll have.   So we’ll forget every song, but who fucking cares.   This is called my Wave.” Soundgarden ended with “Slaves And Bulldozers” around 11pm, which included a verse from ‘In My Time Of Dying’, an old Blind Willie Johnson blues standard made famous by Bob Dylan and Led Zeppelin. See set list here In typical Soundgarden fashion there would be no encore.   The Seattle band came and conquered, quenching the thirst of hard core fans from the tri-city area for the first time.

From the sea of Soundgarden tshirts, to Jane’s Addiction delivering a speech as high as the girls flying on hooks, to…

Posted by The Scene Magazine on Monday, 13 July 2015

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