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Psychocide – Alcohol and Bad Decisions – Album Review

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New York rockers Psychocide go fast and hard in their music, pushing their eccentricities to a point that you’ll either love or hate. Blending a bit of psychobilly with some off-kilter theatrics that might be most akin to My Chemical Romance, this is one band whose excitement is hard to contain.

The band’s ability to let their raw emotions loose in pounding beats and gritty guitars is never so strong as it is on “Crazy Janet” as each high-pitched cry is more catchy than the last. A off-kilter and endlessly expressive in its flaring fills, the band is able to really let loose again and again in a satisfying way. Even as they subdue their excitement on “Mary” there’s a righteous sense of passion that makes the track just as pumping.

Groove’s and a heavy rhythmic drive come through the most on something like “Mr. Suit” or “Paranoia” ¬†as their breakneck riffing falls right back into a disco drums and bass chugs. The band’s ability to flip this sense of speed and dance on and off is a constant dynamic powerhouse, making even their more ridiculous lyrics easy to overlook. “Crossing Guard” cranks this up even more as they push up the bass to make their power vocals soar, inadvertently emulating the Power Rangers theme in the best possible way.

Their sense of theatrics covers every song on the album, but it really infects the aesthetic on “Dear Alice” as they twist the entire track into this strange narrative journey, not . While the inconsistency of these themes is a bit jarring on a full album listen, their range as band makes for a constantly startling record. This said, with all the fun spoken-word sections on “Temporary Friend” it’s hard not to find the shift to reggae a bit much, just as the genre rotating of “Breaking Bad” may be testing on a first listen.

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