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Thrones – Wolves Of Verona EP (2011)

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Band: Thrones
Album: Wolves Of Verona EP (2011)
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Influences: Everything
Label: Indie
Rating: 4/5
By: Shayla Miller


Thrones are a melodic hardcore group based out of St. Johns, Newfoundland. I was very impressed upon listening to this EP for the first time. The music itself is fantastic. I couldnt help but head bang in my seat (as much as I can while I sit here at work.) The vocals and screams are like the cherry on top, and really bring the songs to life. The lyrics themselves are very well put together, they say what theyre feeling and you can tell they mean it. The EP hits you with a punch to the face, and then takes a slight breather during Its In Lake Hylia, a quick two-minute instrumental track. But it by no means slows down the pace of the album. The sound clips added to the EP really bring a cool to aspect to the music. Where some may find them off setting, I found myself smiling during said clips. Theres just something about hearing Never gonna give you up! during a hardcore song. If youre into music that yells at you, I suggest you go check them out!

The Good: Tight screams, solid lyrics and sweet musicianship. Standout track: My Generation

The Bad: At some points its tough to understand what theyre screaming. But hey, I got over that fact pretty quickly, and went back to head banging.

The Ugly: I cant say I can think of anything ugly, so heres their facebook page where you can check out their tunes:

By: Shayla Miller

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