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Kris Heaton Band – World Gone Mad – Album Review 

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Through his many albums Kris Heaton has skewered politics and more personal issues, but never as strongly and bluntly as his latest release. Mashing tones of classic rock and modern production, Heaton’s new album is a lush but complex look at the world around him and inside him that will leave you thinking.

Taking in tones of Bryan Adams and some older Neil Young, album openers like “Who Let The Bullets Fly” and “World Gone Mad” roar with an anger at the state of affairs we find ourselves in. While not quite stretching too far lyrically, the sonic textures pulled out in each song add to the catchy writing to make the songs really pop. There is a much brighter and joyous emotion on tracks like “When We Danced” and “When The Sun Goes Down” that mask the darker undertones of their lyrics for something more complex than you expect on their opening notes.

Something New” throws down a heavy synth was for a more serious and fleshed out sense of sound, while “I Want You” covers its love song in something pained and longing. It’s this deeper writing and the album’s look at the current political situation that makes a track like “Drink To The Girls” feel a tad out of place lyrically, feeling more problematic than carefree.

Searching in its hopeful lyricism, “The Moment” subverts its reggae as it looks for inner peace, while “One Thin Line” presents a more uniting message as it emulates U2 and elevates its sense of togetherness in the choral vocals. The record slips into the past on its closing moments as “Where The Wind Blows” and “Better World” dip into deep 80’s overtones and even “Way Of The World” slips into a “We Are The World” style chant.

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