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Ghostly Beard – Inward – Album Review

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Like a few of the most enigmatic musicians of our time, Ghostly Beard has kept the focus on the music by keeping their identity out of the way. For this new album (which is also donating proceeds to MusiCounts) Ghostly Beard blends tones of Clapton, Steely Dan and many more for an album that can lash out while still offering something more intimate.

Ghostly beard often mixes a rather off-kilter sense of rhythm with a cloudy but warm production on this album, and makes songs like “How Does It Feel” just ooze a calm energy. These relaxing tones permeate the album, whether it be through the shimmering guitars of “Gone” or even a funky back-and-forth from the rhythm section on something like “The Love In Your Eyes.” While Ghostly Beard starts to shake up their soft-rock in more subtle ways on something like “Night Train” they truly go all out for the blistering rock of “Autumn Blues.”

He finally hits all the emotional highs on “Let Go” as it feels like Ghostly Beard has truly tapped into a deeper pain to make something special. While other tracks on the album like “It Doesn’t Matter” brings out an older doo-wop-heavy feeling, he also brings a darker Pink Floyd energy to his usually Belle & Sebastian overtones as the record moves on. Hints of Paul Williams even cut through the later half of the album ¬†while dirty bass and shredding guitar wrap things up ecstatically on songs like “Going Away.”

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