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#ThePlatinumProject – Exes for Eyes Goes for Platinum

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Exes for Eyes Launches a Campaign to Go Platinum by Year’s End

Exes for Eyes Members - (Left to Right) Dave Sheldon, Big James Arsenian, Aaron Spink, Graham Porter

Exes for Eyes Members – (Left to Right) Dave Sheldon (Guitar), Big James Arsenian (Vocals), Aaron Spink (Drums), Graham Porter (Bass)

The Globe and Mail named its October 21st article “Congratulations, Taylor Swift: You’ll be the only platinum artist of 2014”. An artist goes platinum when they successfully sell a million records. A million records used to be a small feat, at one point in time, when some artists would be multi-platinum artists. But this year, it seems that there is only one person who managed to sell the exorbitant amount. One? Well, maybe not quite. An independent metal band from Toronto and Montreal decided to try and break that record. Unsigned, unmanaged, and unstoppable, the guys from Exes For Eyes — formed by the front-man of Montreal metal band, Endast, “Big” James Arsenian and guitarist of Annihilator and ex Man With Target, Dave Sheldon — have banded together and made a YouTube video explaining that they don’t want to sell their album for the price of what record stores want you to buy it at. No, they want to sell you their debut album, Tongues Like Figure Eights, for the hefty price of $1 (plus tax… so you spend $1.20). They plan to sell a million albums by year’s end. They give the juicy details of their plan in a 3:30 long YouTube clip for this aptly named project #ThePlatinumProject, and you can see it below:

So, a million albums by year-end? Can it be done? Why the hell not. For a buck, anyone should be able to buy the band’s album, just out of a good show of support. So whether you like metal or not, supporting a local artist may buy you some karma points this holiday season. Maybe not, we are journalists at The Scene, not karma dealers. But we guarantee a warm and fuzzy feeling for helping out starving artists, and not letting Taylor Swift be the ONLY one who sells a million albums. Til then, enjoy these two videos from their debut album, and be sure to grab a copy right here!

Tongues like Figure Eights — Exes for Eyes

[youtube id=”gSbihfPXmZQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Feel Again — Exes for Eyes

[youtube id=”I3jTPULg-j0″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Written by Andrej Ivanov


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