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A year ago today – The Top 5 of Heavy MTL

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A year ago today — The Top 5 of Heavy MTL

Heavy MTL day 1 - August 9th 2014- Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Heavy MTL day 1 – August 9th 2014- Photo by Andrej Ivanov

I can’t believe that it has been a year to the day that I was jumped, attacked, beaten, and robbed by 7-8 guys in the old port of Montreal. I can’t believe a year ago today, I was brutally emasculated by a band of idiots who think that running in a group makes them almighty. I can’t believe, a year ago today, I’m finally over it and I can safely say “Fuck you” to those useless dregs of society. I can’t believe it’s been a year since the last Heavy MTL. Somehow, this year, the vibe felt different. Something felt a little too calm for a metal show. This year’s edition has been subject to many changes, big and small alike; from little details to a full on revamping of the logo. I think it’s only fair that after such an interesting weekend, we do a recap of the top 5 of the Heavy MTL metal festival.

Top 5 Worst things at Heavy MTL

5) The new logo

Yeah, you know I had to go REALLY far to find something bad when I’m picking on the new logo- what can I say, I’m not impressed. I preferred the Heavy MTL logo (And I will forever refer to it as Heavy MTL). Changing it flat out to Montreal or Metal completely eliminates the double-entendre that the name of the festival implies.  I mean come on, MTL represents Montreal AND sounds like Metal! You can’t go wrong with that! It was perfect. Not even HEAVY TO can boast THAT (Sorry to my Toronto friends, I had to put that little jab in)

4) The Forest Stage

Okay we understand that it’s there from Osheaga, but what the heck? Why is it so bloody small? Really? It just felt awkward and out of place. Maybe putting a battle of the bands in that spot would have been a better choice than just trying to cram in a bunch of other bands. Again, I’m really nitpicking on details here.

3) Scheduling

Oh god, I know you can’t please everyone, but for the love of Pete don’t schedule Lamb of God and Fucked Up! At the same time. These are two enormous bands, and Fucked Up! Only had people few and far between. Lamb of God was great, don’t get me wrong, but the other band lost a lot of people to them. [At this point, you should have realized that really, I’m only writing a negative part pro forma.]

2) Too many good bands

Good god! Where to begin! I wanna go see these guys, BUT NO! The other band is playing too! Ahhhhhh who to choose?! Well that was pretty much my brain by the end of it. Choosing between bands when you love a lot of them gets really hard. My life was really hard this weekend.

1) Slayer closing the show

This is the one I’m assuming was COMPLETELY out of the organizations hands, and I wish it hadn’t been. A crowd of 50-60 thousand people, on the closing Sunday of a metal festival? Let’s be real here, that would have been the crowning Jewel. Oh well.

Okay, we got through the hard part! That was messy and I really had to go searching really deep for those negative Nancy comments. Now onto the even harder part!

The Top 5 Best things at Heavy MTL

5) VIP Access

Alright so, for all of us who had VIP access, we all know that 1) the media tent got an ENORMOUS makeover, and was really made into a media safe-haven rather than just a tent, and 2) the VIP looked sharper and spiffier this year. Really, the improvements were stupendous. Everyone was as happy as happy could be.

4) The Snakepit

It’s not that it was there, it’s that it was seriously put to good use. People were allowed to go into a small semi-circular area around the stage, where the musicians would move through it. Seriously, this thing was used by EVERYONE, not just the people it was intended for! Dropkick Murphys, Anthrax, Metallica, everyone moved around, went closer to the fans, leaned over and touched their legions. Really, this was probably one of the best ideas and it needs to be added as permanent addition to Heavy MTL.

Metallica - Heavy MTL Day 1- August 9th 2014

Metallica – Heavy MTL Day 1- August 9th 2014

3) The crowd

On day 1, there was a record breaking 50,000 people (if not more) all crammed together at Heavy MTL. For who? For Metallica. The crowd was simply enormous and astounding, especially seen from up to. Speaking of up to, a special shout out needs to go to the ballsy guy who climbed up onto one of the towers and watched the Offspring for a while. Respect for having the guts to climb up one of those things, but you’re an idiot for almost ruining the show for us. We are glad you didn’t fall.

Metallica - Heavy MTL Day 1- August 9th 2014

Metallica – Heavy MTL Day 1- August 9th 2014

2) The Line-up

This year, the Heavy really outdid it’s lineup. I am not going to go further than saying: Three of the Big 4, at one festival.  And the original Twisted Sister line-up, who were probably one of the funniest bands to watch live. Their stage presence was astounding. And, not only did they have all these amazing bands, they finally got Metallica (although, James Hetfield did say “When there is a concert with the name Heavy in it, we need to be there!” Could have done it a bit earlier dude, honestly).  All in all, this year’s line-up was nothing short of the best line-up in several years.

Metallica - Heavy MTL Day 1- August 9th 2014-2867

Metallica – Heavy MTL Day 1- August 9th 2014-2867

1) Metallica

There is nothing more I can say. Metallica was amazing.  My only regret is that they didn’t close the festival. You needed to be there to see it and experience. I can’t even begin to explain it.

Metallica - Heavy MTL Day 1- August 9th 2014-2781

Well that sums up this year’s Heavy MTL, and we are definitely excited for next year.

Got any comments, shoot em at the bottom over there. I’ll be sure to read and ignore them. See you all next year!

Written and Photographed by Andrej Ivanov


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