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An Exclusive Look Behind the Music with GOLDROOM

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Find Out All About Goldroom’s Artistic Journey, Why They Complement Each Other, and What’s Next for the Group

Goldroom's Josh Legg at The Great Hall on Sept. 13, 2013. Photo by Sarah Warne

Goldroom’s Josh Legg at The Great Hall on Sept. 13, 2013. Photo by Sarah Warne

When you’re in the presence of true artists, it’s obvious. And that’s exactly how I felt when I walked into the green room at Toronto venue, The Great Hall, to interview L.A.-based group, Goldroom, before their set on Sept 13.

Immediately, one can sense the feeling of camaraderie and artistic unity shared between the three members that now make up Goldroom; Josh Legg, Mereki Beach, and Nick Sandler. And as I shake each of their hands, they give off a warmth that many musicians don’t seem to have nowadays due to a blinding ego.

What stands out the most, though, is the way they speak of their music, and of each other.

“We have a unifying bond for playing a beautiful memorable melody. The parts of music that makes our spines tingle are the same things,” explains Legg.

It’s interesting to hear the group explain how they’ve all already began to influence each other in their music having only even been playing together for almost a year. Goldroom, which originally consisted of only Legg, began about two and a half years ago as a chance for him to get more involved in dance music.

Since joining forces last January, the group has evolved immensely. And they’re ability – not to mention passion – to put on a stellar live show and create beautiful music  is ever-so evident.

“We all bring a different element,” says Beach, the group’s vocalist and Legg’s co-writer. “Josh and I write together, so I think that the collaborative process in itself happens organically.”

“We complement each other really well,” Sandler says. “And with that said, I have little experience in the dance/electronic world. But I’ve always loved the groove element. So it’s so fun to constantly be learning about different artists then pulling things and trying them when we play.”

Mereki Beach rocking out during a live performance. Photo by Sarah Warne

Mereki Beach rocking out during a live performance. Photo by Sarah Warne

The fact that each member of the group comes from a different musical background is one of the facets that makes Goldroom so unique, too. One doesn’t sense any feeling of jealousy or tension amongst them – they’re all just happy to learn from one another.

Sandler, the group’s drummer, speaks highly of Legg and his approach to their music.

“He doesn’t come at it like we’re going to do dance music. His view on music as a whole is very vast…It’s cool because I see a lot of different influences in his writing, and I think that’s what makes it fun playing together, for me,” he says.

Legg feels lucky to be collaborating with his current band mates, as well. Already, he’s inspired and excited for the future. “These guys have influenced the stuff that I want to write. And that’s exciting to me. We’re new as a band and working together. One of the most exciting things about starting to work with these guys is  that we weren’t friends before this, and I didn’t want to just have my bro come join my band,” explains Legg. “The cool thing is, what we play on stage is so different than what you hear on the record. The great tweaks on stage you see come from these guys.”

The fact that the group doesn’t just stand on stage and simply DJ is also what makes them so unique, and most likely why they appeal to so many people. Their nu-disco/funk sound is something fans can really dance to as opposed to so many of the fist-pumping house bangers you hear on the radio.

“At some point, maybe soon, I think we’ll reach a point where fans don’t enjoy just seeing a DJ play songs in front of them, which is why we do live music. It’s a different connection. Is there some sort of EDM bubble, yes. But I think we’re seeing a much larger change. People are becoming much more comfortable hearing electronic music in mainstream music,” comments Legg.

However, Legg does explain how the major pull for him to electronic music is how pure the production aspect of it is. “It’s so filling and warm,” he says. “It can do things to you emotionally that acoustic music just can’t do.”

Legg is perfectly right. And that’s why what Goldroom does is so interesting. They combine live performance aspects and instruments with electronic elements. The result – an undeniably sensational and groovy sound.

As their relationship evolves, Goldroom has a lot to look forward to. Their EP, Embrace, was just recently released on Sept. 9, and is getting a wonderful reaction. The self-titled single, ‘Embrace,’ featuring Ariela Jacobs is most definitely one of Legg’s greatest achievements to date, and has been in the works dating all the way back to 2009.

For now, the band will continue to tour before taking a hiatus where they’ll work on revamping their live show. In the mean time, Legg says they’ll continue to write and work towards a couple new singles, and hopefully get an album out next year.

Goldroom’s live performance following their interview confirmed their undeniable talent. They were authentic and engaging, and if the fan reaction to their performance was any indication, their popularity will only continue to grow.

To put it quite simply, Goldroom is pure gold.


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