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Chrystyna Marie – Loaded Gun EP – Album Review          

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12764510_961319900619635_7978864483565904746_oSinger-songwriters always have something that sets them apart, a quirky sound, lyrics that make jokes within a melody, and for some it comes down to a commanding voice. On Chrystyna Marie‘s new EP Loaded Gun she calls upon ears with her stellar voice, that keeps it from blending in with the similar solo-artist pop of her peers.

An attitude-laden drumbeat drives “Loaded Gun” in its slow blues groove. The smooth but assertive vocals keep the songs edge strong as the rest of the instrumentation just doesn’t stand out particularly. The bass groove however, when given room to breathe is an extremely grimy sounding low-end to the song that works at times.

Down The Road” switches to a dark country twang, with big, echoing vocals. When the organs drop in the song doubles its grandeur and gains a mysticism to its sound. If you don’t mind the slow grind, this swamp epic is a powerful alt-pop gem with hints of Elle King in its dynamic delivery.

There’s a more straightforward piano-driven pop sound to “No More” with its dramatic pre-choruses, intense crescendos and driving chorus chants. This powerful formula does feel a little too familiar at times though and in verses can grow dull after too long. The bridge really makes the stellar drumming in the track stand out and provides some great guitar work that amps up the angry side of the track.

EP-closer “The Tower” comes in with an air of mystery with its enigmatic piano intro, that make the verses as enjoyable as the choruses. The choruses do however deliver on heavy power shouts, load drums and intense power chords. Despite some fake-out choruses that immediately jump back to a verse, the moments where it finally arrives and drives these powerful moments home make it all come together wonderfully.

Loaded Gun showcases Marie’s vocals wonderfully, and displays some good range for her future endeavours. Marie’s vocals are definitely the star here as some of the instrumentation can be a little generic at points, except for some consistently killer drum work, it should be noted however that every chorus is really elevated by the energy and power that her vocals feed back into her backing band. Whatever her next project is, Marie can rest easy knowing her vocals will never let anyone down.


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