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Geoff Gibbons – Buffalo Hotel – Album Review 

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After a trip down to American music Meccas like Nashville, Vancouver’s Geoff Gibbons was inspired to craft an album based on his adventures and it really rings with exciting Americana. Filtering this vision through the song writing chops that have earned him airtime on CMT and work behind films, there’s a deep sense of the personal mixed a tourist’s wonder on this record.

Tinges of the Eagles and lush country-rock floods through a lot of the record, like on harmony-rich tracks like “Ain’t Goin’ Back” that carries a sense of majesty in its ethereal keyboard lines.  While something like “Lonesome Angel” actually strips things down to a brooding calm, there’s a lot of modern production and attitude within the tones of “Carolina Bound” and “Hard Hard Rain,” delivering the right balance of classic tones and a little cynicism.

The influence from the musical cities Geoff visited are immediately audible in tracks like “Me and Buffalo Bill” and even “Back To You” that aches of The Band and large productions while still trying to make it new. “Blinded By The Tumbleweeds” rips open on instantly addictive riffs that show off one of the most single-ready tracks on the album, that narrowly keeps out of the pop-country category to be a catchy moment on the album.

Picture of Adeline” shows the darkest and most sonically diverse sides of the album, taking its usually subdued sonic details and really dialing them up. The country tones themselves are brought to the forefront as well on closers like “City From The Stars” and “Where Midnight Rolls,” as Gibbons weaves in a lot of memorable pop moments to elevate it all.

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