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Good Guitarists

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good guitarists

good guitarists












I often meet guitarists who think they are good.   Well I ask you this…who do you site as an influence?


An amateur will say all of the obvious pop rock icons:

Jimi Hendrix
Van Halen
Randy Rhoads
Kirk Hammett

However when you grow as a guitarist you’ll learn about the heavier influences.  The guys that influenced those mentioned above:

Here’s a list that you should Google:

Lenny Breau
John Mclaughlin
Les Paul
Chet Atkins
Wes Montgomery
Allan Holdsworth

So if you’ve been looking for a definitive list of the best of the best for years…and if you Googled this you probably have been

The above names is a great place to start! By no means is this the only list, but I guarantee it’s deeper than most…remember only a place to start  (Charlie Christian and Tal Farlow) are a couple of more to look at.

Yes there are many more Greg Howe, Yingwie, Vai, John Petrucci, Steve Morse, Blackmore, Brecker, Gilbert, and I’m sure you know another shredder and hundreds more that I’m sure you can site who are “great ones”…however that list above no matter how good you are should be new to you and sure to inspire!   PLEASE GOOGLE Danny Gatton and Lenny Breau at the least.

For those of you who know who I’m talking about then please comment below.   I am in no way condemning the progress of guitarists in rock music or saying that those listed above are not great, I love Hendrix, Slash, Eddie, Kirk and Randy Rhoads!

What I am saying is that there is more out there and history to it all but only if you are willing to dig deeper.



– Darrell








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