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Does John Tory know the colour of the seats on a TTC street car?

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Does John Tory know the colour of the seats on a TTC street car?

TTC Street Car:

TTC Street Car:


As you know, we are all peasants.  Working every day to pay a bill or maintain this existence.

Why is it that none of the Toronto Mayoral debates encompassed local views or were asked the factual questions.   Sure, clearly they spoke about the “facts of a plan” but few questions were asked about the day to day and the current backgrounds of each candidate.

I remember watching the first televised debate that Doug Ford attended.   It was being hosted by one of the radio stations, but the moderator was so shit biased, that I refuse to give him the dignity of publicity via any post.

The question at large had something to do with giving up the mayors salary.   When Tory said he would, Doug Ford jumped in to say that it wasn’t fair.

When asked why it wasn’t fair, he point to Olivia Chow. He stated that it wouldn’t be fair to ask this question because some of the candidates were in different financial circumstances.   He said something to the tune of 50 million dollars, saying “Olivia you don’t have 50Million dollars etc do you?”   He ended up making the point that HE and Tory could afford to give up their salaries and that Chow couldn’t.

The bottom line was that he was right.   These two gentlemen have a “never need to work another day in their lives” mentality.   While the Ford bothers are rich, John Tory is ten times that.    Chow on the other hand is not.

Olivia Chow, rides the subway, doesn’t own a car and rides her bike around Toronto on a daily basis.  How do I know that?  I’ve seen it!

Olivia knows what needs to be done in Toronto, why?, because she lives and breathes this city and lives in it.

When the SUN took the time to publish a cartoon showing Olivia riding the coat tails of her late husband Jack Layton, they missed the simple point that she was a citizen.   The distasteful Mao reference was the nail in the coffin and an insult to the diversity of this great city, but who paid for it?

There are over 1,000,000 children who wake up everyday in the GTA (at large) to go to school and about 1/3 of them are hungry or living in public housing.    They ride the subway and sometimes work part time jobs on the weekends to support their families.  Their families pay the rent and they are small business owners, hard workers who pay taxes.   Yet a large majority of these families are not allowed to vote.

I remember another debate where Ford and Tory were asked:

“Should landed immigrants (who are non-Canadian citizen)s be allowed to vote?”

They both said “NO”.   That you must be a Canadian citizen to vote.

Chow on the other hand stated”  “If you pay taxes and if you work a job or own a business you should be able to vote.”

Imagine what would have happened if “THEY” were allow to vote.   The immigrants.  The ones who came here from a far away land and worked hard to create a family name in this country.  Can you imagine if those people actually had a right to vote?   Well the other candidates would lose hands down of course!

It’s not like every single one of us is an immigrant is it?

Tory and Ford were and probably still are afraid of what this city really thinks.

The bottom line is that Olivia Chow, despite not being rich enough to give up her salary as mayor, and despite not having any major corporate funding, managed to secure 23% of the vote.   That’s 23% of the registered voters in Toronto who voted and not 23% of the population.  In fact the registered voters for this city is only 1.6 million, while the total downtown core is 2.6 with a surrounding area of over 5.5 million.

Indeed imagine a world where everyone could vote.  If all those who paid a tax or rode a street car to work had a voice and could vote…

Again I ask does John Tory know the colour of the seats on a TTC street car?
I wouldn’t dare ask Rob or Doug Ford.   I guess the answer would depend on how many weeks they could extend the construction contracts.

Perhaps Tory would venture to guess and do so based on his very infrequent visits to Toronto Rapid Transit or the YRT.  Maybe he would guess that the seats are blue.

But I’m betting that both would say the seats are green.

(see above photo)




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