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Electronic Weed?

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electronic joint - electronic weedWhen I heard of the electronic cigarettes the first thing I thought was “they should make electronic weed”. I knew it had to happen sooner or later. Â According to most electronic cigarette websites, electronic cigarettes have countless benefits over regular smokes; no tar, no smoke, no stink.

One of the biggest selling points of e-cigarettes is: “Smoke anywhere”. For weed smokers it’s only been a pipe dream, pardon the pun.

What stoner wouldn’t kill for an odorless, smokeless, healthier way to get their buzz on.
Till now if you wanted a healthy & stinkless toking experience you had to get yourself a big expensive vaporizer costing somewhere around $300-$400 that plugs into the wall so you couldn’t exactly just put it in your pocket and head out. It might be a good idea to buy vaporizer wholesale to get a better deal on vaporizers.

It’s called the eSpliff 1.0, “the world’s smallest portable vaporizer”. It’s supposed to be like an electronic cigarette but it vaporizes dry herbs instead of e-liquid. It looks like a pen/marker which makes it totally discreet.
I’m also not surprised that a Canadian company is behind this.

I can’t wait to take it out in public and vaporize it indoors in everyone’s face, the mall perhaps? 🙂

I really like the direction this is headed to. As electronic cigarettes improve and slowly replace regular tabaco, will the e-Spliff replace the spliff? is there an e-Bong on the horizon or are we going to continue to use black leaf bongs? Â I wonder how people will get high in the future? If this thing catches on they’ll start designing electronic cigarettes like joints or blunts, have a variety of e-liquids of all the famous award winning strands.

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