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Amnesia Rockfest 2014 – Top 5 Best and Worst


Amnesia Rockfest 2014 – Top 5 Best and Worst

Amnesia Rockfest - Montebello - Day 1- Photo by Andrej Ivanov

Amnesia Rockfest – Montebello – June 18 2014 – Photo: Andrej Ivanov

After a long weekend of rocking, shooting, writing, running around and hanging around, we – the editorial team from Montreal and Ottawa – finally got home to our respective hometowns, after meeting up at the midway point: Montebello. Once a year, this small Quebecois town comes to life, bringing together people from Montreal, Ottawa and every other nook and cranny of the world that come to listen to every genre of rock music, from pop-punk to deathcore and everything in between. This year, The Scene Magazine was there, and we decided to bring you a preliminary teaser article counting down the top 5 best and worst moments of the Rockfest 2014 weekend.

Top 5 Best of Rockfest 2014:

#5 – Free parking on the streets

Yes. You read that right! If you were silly enough to come late (such as, yours truly) and you’re tight for cash, parking down the county road 148 will spot you a free parking for the weekend, around campsites. That being said, you have to be willing to trek to the concert! Despite that, totally worth it!

#4 – All the front-end logistical issues were fixed

For anyone who was there last year, you found, no doubt, that trekking through urine because all the port-a-potties flooded is pretty much something you still have and were dreading all the logistical issues that could have ensued this year. Luckily, all those details were fixed, gloriously. Yes, campgrounds and grounds in general at festivals will ALWAYS smell like urine and port-a-potties, it’s inevitable, but keeping it to a minimum this year is a definite improvement! All the other issues, such as the entrances and the shuttles were dealt with astronomically well!

#3 – The different types of people

What do you get when you bring in all kinds of bands, from punk to ska to hardcore to pop-rock? Well you get a melting pot of people meeting in one place! From mohawks to cuts to plugs and all kinds of tattoos, we got to see every kind of person dressed in every kind of style. Never a dull moment.

#2 – The bands

It is impossible not to talk about the music. This year, we had every kind of band on the bill. Blasts from the past such as The Used, Taking Back Sunday and Brand New brought a tear to the eyes of many nostalgic people who used to die for these bands when they were teens. The cherry on top were the two bands brought back from their graves, both Montreal bands. The first were punk legends The Sainte-Catherines, the second were Despised Icon, deathcore’s finest. Let’s just hope that Rockfest is not the last we will see of them.

#1 – Blink-182

Come on? Are you really surprised? They stole the show. Not only were they a blast from the past, but they also were great sports about having to play later, had outstanding stage presence, played everything from Cheshire Cat to Neighbourhoods and everything in between. The band is truly unique and we were fortunate enough to live the experience that is Blink-182. Let’s be real here, everyone there was jumping and singing along to every song! Every single one of them!

We made it through the top 5 best moments, and it wasn’t easy because there was a lot of good! But now we have to count down the top 5 worsts (let’s be honest, you’re probably reading it for this!)

Top 5 Worst of Rockfest 2014:

#5 – Too many fans backstage

Yes, people did pay exorbitant amounts of money to have backstage access, but it started to get really crowded when everyone was hanging out, or trying to get photos and were preventing other people from doing their jobs. Let’s be real, if it’s a crowd in the field, the backstage is usually meant to avoid it, not to have to face another one.

#4 – The lack of privacy for artists

There were many artists roaming around the backstage. It’s a great way to meet them, to catch a quick smoke, chat and drink with them, but after they get accosted by too many fans, they also start to feel overwhelmed. We are all people at the end of the day and need our own total privacy, which isn’t a hotel room. Maybe a place for artists only would help? Or maybe there was one? I didn’t hear of it.

#3 – Too many people in the photo pit

When there are too many people in the photo pit, shooting with iPhones, the ones shooting with professional gear have their work compromised. Those who aren’t shooting and are just there to enjoy the show should not be in photo pits either. Sidelines, please! Security were absolutely wonderful and understanding about it, and did more than their job entailed, but in the end they could only do what they were told.

#2 – Getting denied Motley Crue and not knowing about it

As it were, only a few people could shoot in the photo pit for the band’s farewell tour. But why? Who knows, really! But finding out at the very last minute (literally 15 minutes before the set, after the select few had left) was a hard pill to swallow. Oh well, fare thee well Motley Crue, fare thee well indeed.

#1 – Danzig

One word. One tiny little word. Danzig. Mention that one to anyone who was in the pit and you can expect a death stare at best. After the show began, mid-way through the song, all the photographers who were in the pit got literally bulled out by some man (we assume the tour manager?) yelling: “Get the f**k out!” while the security stared in utter awe and the photographers not understanding what was happening. While all this was happening, Danzig threw an astronomical tantrum, literally ripping the shoulder rig off a videographer and bringing it beside the drumset. It later turned out that we were not even allowed to be there but no one was ever told. We missed Grimskunk’s awesome set for that temper tantrum?

Overall, despite the good, the bad and the ugly, it was a memorable weekend, bringing back memories and bringing new friends and amazing music! What else can there be said? Well read our full review of Rockfest 2014 and find out what this amazing weekend was all about!


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