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Elena Andujar – Flamenco In Time – Album Review

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Commanding through the writing, Antonio Andujar drops this powerful debut with his team of musicians, making for an amazing update to flamenco and a clever take on electronic music. Able to marry genres without discrediting any of them, the album is a fun trip through Latin guitar and infectious dance beats.

Through a blend of bluesy chords and a dark, mysterious jazz sound, “Una Vez Mas” starts the album with a menacing crawl of effects and harmonies. Even through all the layers of effects, the utter soul raly comes out in MyMy Lady G’s vocals and the guitars, making up for any part of the backing beat that can feel fairly robotic. The life really infuses into the music on “Fever” as the dance beats run higher and higher, taken further all the time by the trumpets. Emulating a bit of electronic-era Donna Summers, Andujar manages to update this classic suavely and almost unrecognizably in the best way possible.

Between “El Desportador” the Club Mix and Matt’s Latenight workout are very separate but comparable beasts. While both a tad overmixed on the bass, there’s a more predictable movement to Club Mix that make it much better suited to a constant drive of music. Matt’s Latenight Workout rides its overdriven bass and makes for a constant push of energy that makes something surprisingly more danceable, even throwing in some guitar solos.

“Es Asi” drops its own pile of grooving remixes, each with their own flavour. While the Club Mix doesn’t offer too much different from El Desportador, Matt & MyMy’s Discofunk Mix really finds the perfect balance of retro electronic disco to be intoxicating, even using cheesy vocal samples to addictive ends. Matt’s Peak Hour Mix lets the more natural guitars play against a club beat for something that manages two sounds without losing either.

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