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Trading Alaska – We Miss You! – EP Review

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Tyler Stevely and Andrew Peters of Trading Alaska are back with their latest EP We Miss You which is set for release on November 29th. Recorded in Toronto earlier this year, Trading Alaska demonstrates on We Miss You! that they are serious artists who only want to make the best music possible for their audience and fans.

Some may remember their previous EP Twenty Nine which was full of unique soft electro-pop beats and complex themes. For those who listened to and loved Twenty Nine, Trading Alaska’s new EP We Miss You features re-recorded versions of “Open,” “Ghost” and “Twenty Nine.” It is great to see that even though all three tracks were fantastic to begin with, Stevely and Peters are still willing to grow, polish their work, and push themselves and their art.

When asked about their track choices for their latest EP and the EP’s creation, Peters said, “Most of the songs have been written fairly recently, but a couple of the songs date back to some of our older projects. Songs that we have never used, but have been tinkering with for quite sometime. We decided on the songs by asking ourselves which ones worked well together and were the catchiest and best sounding live.”

“… there was a very real pressure to try and out do our previous work, and do it as quickly as reasonably possible. We were both grappling with the fact that we had just started a new project at 23, and it definitely felt like we were running out of time to get things started. Getting older also meant times were changing, and running a band had a new sense of urgency and responsibility. I’d say that you can hear some of these stress factors at work in the EP.”

In spite of any stressors that they may have felt, Trading Alaska has turned out another amazing EP. Their new tracks “Famous,” “Georgia Moon” and “WTWCCD” share similar elements to the re-recordings and the band’s previous work: the dominant electronic effects, the steady beats, and the lulling melodies. In essence, it seems that Trading Alaska has found their signature sound and are beginning to grow on it.

Also, while the songs were inspired by specific themes, Peters said, “all of the songs are fairly abstract lyrically, and we would like listeners to come to their own conclusions as to what the songs are about. The songs become more special that way.”

So, if you’re looking for an EP that brings together some of the most relaxing electronic music that can be found, something just to chill to and soak in the beautifully crafted harmonies and melodies, then We Miss You! is it.


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