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BS101 – Return of the Burn – Album Review

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BS101 – Return of the Burn – Album Review

BS101 Return of the Burn

Total Score: 7.6/10

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Style: Comedy Funk, Rock
Release Date: 2013
Label: Independent

BS101 are a Toronto-based comedy funk band, where “BS” stands for “Bad Songwriting”. The band has been around for some time now, gaining fans and managing to release 3 full-length albums to date. Return of the Burn is the band’s latest effort, released in 2013 and it provides a whooping 25 gags over the span of 56 minutes for the devoted listener.

The album starts out with “Vaj Chap Infomercial”, an intro that sets the mood for the whole album. BS101 decided to start with their most offensive material right from the get go, so that the listener won’t have any false predicaments. This is comedy and BS101 won’t let you down with something even remotely serious. “The Bad Guys” shows what the band is all about, with fairly straightforward humor and surprisingly heavy riffs at times, mostly staying in the rock genre territory. Some funky tunes are in the mix as well.

“Nikola Tesla” is not only the greatest inventor that ever lived, but also the best song on the album. Catchy beyond any expectations, it shows off BS101’s musical prowess and full lyrical potential. It is also a great tactic to win over the nerds!

Like a lot of the songs on the album, “Crayons Are Forever” is parodying a style or a band, in this case it’s Linkin Park or Incubus or maybe that’s what the early 2000’s sounded like overall. Sadly, this song shows the unpolished side of Dick James’ vocals. “Buttons” marks one of the many intermissions on the album, all set to very simplistic beat-boxing (think dumbed down Bloodhound Gang). All of them are short and funny even after a couple of listens. Sometimes intermissions break the album apart, here they actually work in favour of unity and help support the vision of the album.

Return of the Burn has too many songs to cover all over them in one review, and most of them carry the same message across, poking fun at North American stereotypes. Some of the tunes worth mentioning are “1st World Problems”, “Love Juice (Funkin’ It Up)”, “Witches Burning Bitches” and the closer “Mother Falcon Punch”, which is depicted on the album cover.

Overall, the album holds up well, even if it should have been a little shorter (19 songs out of 25 tracks is a bit overwhelming even for comedy).

Written by: Raya P. Morrison

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