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Five Alarm Funk – Rock The Sky – Album Review

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 Five Alarm Funk – Rock The Sky – Album Review

Five Alarm Fun


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Style:  Orchestral Funk

Released:   May 11th, 2012
Produced By: Five Alarm Funk
Recorded & mixed By: Five Alarm Funk
Label: Independent

Have you ever seen a band start playing and then gotten down on your knees and tearfully thanked James Brown for funk? Five Alarm Funk induces  exactly that emotional response. The first time I saw five alarm Funk was akin to being enlightened. I simply had no idea that music of this caliber still existed. As the nine of them exploded onto the stage sweat dripping and half naked I was enveloped by an array of different musical styles all of which were encased in a raging storm of funk. That is, beyond the intensity of their live performance, their style is a marvel unto itself. With a little gypsy honey dripping from their rock mantle, their energy and tempo rivals any metal band and of course all of this is hoisted on top of the platform and the building which defines this force … funk. In other words this is the sprawling monster that funk has always wanted to become.

This Vancouver-based funk machine has been around for more than six years and has just unleashed their newest creation on the world last May. This is their fourth album entitled ‘Rock The Sky’, since then they have been ceaselessly touring this gem all across Canada. The album itself is the polished height of Five Alarm Funks musical creativity. It is an orgiastic amalgam of funky styles. The first track ‘Wash Your Face’ is a wonderful representation of the unique blend of music that these gentlemen are capable of and the sense of humor that goes along with being this sort of crazy. This song is what I want pop-music to be like, catchy, creative and rippling with talent.

This band boasts three mean horn players two crazy ass percussionists, one which spends most of his time dressed as a gorilla, drums, bass and guitar. Their drummer, Tayo Branston, generally takes the lead on vocals with a thundering growl, the horn section is mind boggling concoction of glory, their guitarist is smoking fast with a creative attack and to cap it all of their rhythm section consists of very tight and energetic polyrhythmic array, making them the most intense of funk bands that one can experience. 

In other words I am here to tell you that funk lives right here, right now in Canada and my overwhelming proof is the band Five Alarm Funk. In addition, this particular album is a nonstop blow your hair back roller coasters thrill ride you will probably just put it on repeat. The album “Rock The Sky” is available right here.

Album Review By: Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder

Courtesy of Round Table Radio


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