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Brandon Voyeur EP – Album Review

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Halifax art rocker Brandon Voyeur‘s Self-titled EP is wily and untamed. Maneuvering not-so-carefully from one crass fuzz song to the next, Voyeur’s wavering voice hits the full range of emotions backed by punchy instrumentals.

Bookended by a robotic voice on “Hello” and “Goodbye” the record distinguishes itself as being exponentially more eccentric than other music coming out of the Canadian East Coast.

10991755_1551777048427641_1116919462243285927_oMixing in elements of spoken word and some electronic vibes, “Introductions” foreshadows a decidedly more abstract take on experimental rock, while upholding some of its characteristically dancey elements. “Kicking and Screaming” sounds like garage noise, in the best way possible. Then if I didn’t know better I would swear that “Rocket Boy” is an Alex Turner track, a calm indie tune with an underlying feeling of anxiety. “Ghost” pivots the album slightly with a slower, jazzy track completed by saxophone and some polished falsetto. “Punk Rock Gypsy Christ” is folk punk at it’s finest, acoustic in tandem with electric and shouting vocals, Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass would be proud. “The Great Big Sigh” is technically the record’s last song; it’s more upbeat and radio-friendly. The sax follows along with the melody making for an interesting layer effect in the chorus.

Brandon Voyeur’s EP is an intriguing exercise in music making. It’s maritime quirkiness and personality meets New York No-Wave prestige with an English post-punk heart transplant. You can “name your price” for the album on Bandcamp and by the sounds of things a lot of time and money went into it’s production, so feel free to be generous.

Catch Voyeur live in Halifax at The Company House on June 21.


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