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Interview with Caleb Hart of Tasman Jude

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Vocalist Caleb Hart of Grande Prairie, Alberta reggae band Tasman Jude took some time to answer questions from Halifax’s Natalie Erb about their ongoing Canadian tour, their most recent trip Down Under, and a very special cause. Check it out below!

I saw on your Facebook page that this is your first time touring the Maritimes – Welcome! Any first impressions? 

That is correct! We definitely feel welcomed. It’s a beautiful and refreshing place to be! A bit chiller than we anticipated but that’s why we bring the heat in our shows.

You’re currently on the coast-to-coast “Soldiers of Love Recruitment Tour” – Is this your biggest Canadian tour yet?

After almost three months (87 shows) in Australia, you’d think we’d take a break… But why stop? This is our biggest Canadian Tour. Up until a few days ago, the furthest East we had played was Ottawa. Our percussionist Bethanie is a Maritimer so we’ve been excited about this tour since she joined the band late last year.

Tasman Jude give off the vibe that you’re all about spreading love, acceptance, and positivity; does this ever become a challenge when you’ve been on the road for such a long time?

Love is the reason we keep doing what we do. Does it get difficult? Absolutely. Is it a crazy life? Yup! Do we deal with our issues and love each other so that we can love you, too? YOU BETCHA!

You were in Australia earlier this year for a 10 week tour – what’s it like to tour there as compared to Canada? Was it your first tour down under?

Australia is an incredible Country. This was Tasman Jude’s second tour in the land down under. We did eleven shows in two weeks in April 2014 but this Tour was a lot more shows and ground covered. We love it there. They love our music and vibe. We love them right back.

What was your most memorable moment from the Australian tour?

That is one of the most difficult questions to answer because the tour was such a sensational experience. I would have to say, being able to co-headline Easterfest, hear thousands of Aussies singing our songs, then hanging out with them on the festival grounds. Letting people know that we are human too and that they too can and should follow their dreams.

You guys refer to your fans as family. Because of this, do you feel that changes the dynamic between you and your music following?

We have a very tight knit relationship with our fam. Transparency is key. It’s VERY different to the usual separation of fan and band. We’re fans of them. Without our family, we wouldn’t be able to do this. Words can’t explain how grateful we are.

I noticed on the blog that you guys are helping with some fundraising for Giving Back Memories, a Brain Tumour research initiative and you’ve crafted a song titled, “Mario”. How is the fundraising process going?

100% of the ‘Giving Back Memories’ album sales go toward brain tumour research. It will be a while until we find out numbers but we continue to promote the album and GBM initiative in order to raise more awareness

“Green” is your first full-length album – what was the recording experience like for the band?

The Recording experience was very Tasman Jude like… We wrote and arranged songs in the studio and then recorded them as quickly as we could so that we could get back on the road. Produced it ourselves with the help of Nathanel Sterr from Dovefire Studios then got one of our favourite singer/songwriter friends Luke Dowler to mix it. It came out better than we had initially expected it to which was exciting.

And lastly, what can we expect from you guys in 2015?

There’s so much I could tell you about but we live each day like it’s our last! So for now, we’ll Recruit the Soldiers of Love in the Maritimes and then head back west, touring and recording another album. Maybe a new summer single that’ll make you feel like you’re where the Palm Trees are? We’ll see…

Tasman Jude play The Carleton in Halifax on May 28th. Get tickets and check out other tour dates on their website.

Interview By: Natalie Erb
Photo By: Tasman Jude
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