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Tre Mission at Toronto Rivoli – CMW 2015 Live Review


Tre Mission at Toronto Rivoli – CMW 2015 Live Review

Photo: Dagmar Yu

Photo: Dagmar Yu

When: Friday, May 1st, 2015
Where: The Rivoli, Toronto

Total Score: 7.2/10

Visual/Sound Presentation: 6/10
Stage Presence: 8/10
Music Ability: 8/10
Crowd Reception: 8/10
Wow Factor: 6/10

Tre Mission was headliner Friday night at 2015 CMW at the Rivoli alongside other notable Canadian artists Kaydee and Redway. The crowd was definitely in good spirits as the booze seemed to flow through the entire venue. When the crowd was called upon for “listen and response” moments peppered through the evening, they didn’t fail to bring the noise. Although, the mood of the evening was right, the timing didn’t seem to be. With Tre Mission scheduled to start at 12:30 AM he didn’t actually take center stage until about 5 minutes before last call.

The room was at a very cool temperature but Kaydee brought a lot of heat with his word play and high energy. His performance was then then followed by Redway who definitely did his thing, however for a very short period of time. Tossing shirts into the crowd with the acronym for his single “YKTO” (You Know Those Ones) written as boldly as people that proudly state they’re from Toronto, he definitely left an impression on the audience that seemed to follow Redway’s lead of leaving the building just after his performance ended.

By the time Tre Mission took the stage, the venue that started out more than half full was now unmistakingly half empty. Now, that’s definitely not to discredit Tre Mission’s talent who is just that, but it was unrecognizable that the crowd had clearly thinned. Furthermore, it seemed that he wrapped up his set rather quickly based on that fact because it did come across very short as well. Overall, it was a good show, but the organizers dropped the ball on keeping the show on time.

Steven Lawson

Dark Planet Collective – For The Love Of Hip Hop!


Dark Planet Collective – For The Love Of Hip Hop!

Style: Hip Hop
From: Corner Brook, NL
Released: April 30, 2015
Length: 5:02
Score: 3 — Makes The Grade


Stooki Sound at Ritual Nightclub – Pick Of The Week Ottawa


Stookie 2Stooki Sound at Ritual Nightclub – Pick Of The Week – April 4, 2015

Who: Appearances by Foster, Jelanie Lewis, HVYHNDS and Stooki Sound

What: The fourth Canadian stop in Stooki’s Infinity Tour

When: Saturday April 4, 2015 — Doors open 10pm

Where: Ritual Nightclub (137 Besserer St.)

Price: $15, tickets available at Ticketfly or NRML on Rideau St.

Based out of London (the real deal London, not the Ontario city), hip-hop/trap unit Stooki Sound is gracing Ritual Nightclub this Saturday for the last Canadian stop of their North American tour. A combination of DJ Lukey and Jelacee, Stooki has been killing it in the UK and now the are spreading the love internationally.

The event will have some familiar faces too, as Ottawa’s DJ Jelanie Lewis and HVYHNDS warm up the stage.

Check out the Facebook event for more details. For a solid sample of what Stooki Sound does, you can visit their Soundcloud. It’s their first time in Canada, so let’s make them feel the northern love.


Eric Murphy

THE SCENE- Pick Of The Week

Kanye West performance at Bluesfest announced, petition to have him removed started


Kanye-West-ottawa_bluesfest_2015Kanye West performance at Bluesfest announced, petition to have him removed started

On March 30 Bluesfest organizers announced the festivals biggest headlining act Kanye West. Subsequently, a petition was launched to have West removed from the festival’s lineup… And then someone else started an anti-Kanye petition, petition.. Yeah.

Mark Monahan, Bluesfest executive and artistic director released a video parody of West’s “Only One” on March 29, in which he teased that the lineup may have been leaked but the biggest name had yet to come.

When the announcement was made this past Monday, critics all over Ottawa instantly reacted. Following in the footsteps of fans of the Glastonbury Festival in the UK who launched a petition titled “Cancel Kayne West’s headline slot and get a rock band.” The Glastonbury petition is picking up steam with 132,903 supporters as of April 1, 9:30pm. While Ottawa’s petition remains quite tame with only 1,473 supporters.

For the time being however, West remains slotted to play Friday, July 10.

For a full lineup of Ottawa Bluesfest 2015 and the story of how it got leaked check this article out.

You can see all the ridiculous petitions here, if you really have nothing better to do:

Petitioning to remove Kanye West from the Bluesfest lineup

Petitioning people petitioning to remove Kanye from Bluesfest lineup

Petitioning the people of Ottawa to stop the Kanye stoppers

Petitioning Glastonbury Festival


Griffin Elliot


Traffic Signs & Jake The Rapper: Cookie Jar


Traffic Signs & Jake The Rapper: Cookie Jar – Featured Track

Style: Hip Hop with amaze-balls sauce
From:  The Outer Limits
Released:  March 18, 2015
Length: 2:18

Score: 4  — Too Hot to Trot

Often bands will ask “how do I get an audience?” or “how do I make something that everyone wants?” Well normally this starts with something amazing.   The new Traffic Signs music video “Cookie Jar” is just that.




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